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Advice on 15 year old with mental health issues

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chris1959 Mon 20-Jul-15 01:56:52

My 15 year old daughter has had mental health issues for about 3 - 4 years.
She started off self harming, but hasn't done that now for nearly 2 years. Just after Christmas my youngest brother died suddenly, and my wife walked out on me and the children the week of the funeral. She blames my 15 year old daughter for it. This lead to my daughter trying to commit suicide by hanging. She is under CAHMS, and I tried to change her school as she doesn't want to go back, but the school I tried cannot take her, so she is now being referred under Heathe education needs. She has been out of school since April. All of this has also affected my youngest daughter who is 13 yrs old. Resulting in her not wanting to go to school. She says she feels fed up, and doesn't know why and is always crying, can't sleep at night. The school has been very supportive, and called in the early help Team, and the youngest daughter has been given support from Healthy Young Minds. I have now also been diagnosed with stress and depression, and put on anyi depressants. Some days I feel I cannot cope. I have to carry on working full time to pay the mortgage, which involves shift work.
Get no help from any family memebers, and their mum is more interested in her new boyfriend than our two daughters.

Because my daughter has these mental health issues can I get any support finacially, or otherwise? To say maybe pay for someone to keep an eye on them when I am at work?

2catsfighting Sun 26-Jul-15 21:45:29

If you are involved with Early Help, is there a worker you could raise this with?

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