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Diagnosing me

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NeedsMoreCowBell Sun 19-Jul-15 15:37:37

Looking for some advice please as I'm going around in circles with myself.

Previous GP (have since moved) was quite happy with my not wanting an official diagnosis of my low level bi-polar and suspected autism.
Whatever I have/am is generally quite manageable and our (myself and 2DC) life is shaped to accommodate me, if that makes sense smile

I think I would now like a diagnosis, though I'm not completely sure why, which is where the going around in circles comes in.

As my DC get older I'm wary of limiting them due to my issues.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I am seeing my GP Tuesday and am hoping to bring it up.

TIA smile

NotAJammyDodger Sun 19-Jul-15 16:13:06

If you are comfortable with your prior GP's 'unofficial' diagnosis and are managing fine, what are you hoping to get from an official diagnosis now? I know you say your not sure, but I wonder if really there is something deep down that you are hoping for?

Also, if you had a discussion with your old GP there might be some notes on the system alluding to your discussion anyway?

Some people feel they need an official diagnosis because knowing what they have / having a title brings some peace of mind that they aren't alone in how they feel/their condition and allows them to reach out to other people with the same condition. Alternatively, some people see this as 'labelling' and hate the idea as they feel they might get 'stuck with it', or are worried (usually unnecessary) that employers will try to access their medical records (requires your consent).

So it really a matter of personal preference, how well you are coping at the moment and whether you feel you need further support.

NeedsMoreCowBell Sun 19-Jul-15 16:37:15

Thanks for your thoughts NotAJammyDodger smile

I cope fine and am very lucky I have support and acceptance in those close to me.

It's for my own peace of mind ultimately.
Being labelled doesn't concern me, it's more that a diagnosis that is not strictly necessary is maybe a bit self indulgent??

I might not need one but I do want one.

I think it will help me keep an eye on myself, if that makes sense??

As in..... I do X because of sensory issues but I do Y because I can be selfish sometimes.

I don't want to blame any negative behaviour on being on any spectrum.
I think a diagnosis might help me keep a tight rein on things??

NotAJammyDodger Sun 19-Jul-15 17:51:12

go for it smile.

NeedsMoreCowBell Sun 19-Jul-15 18:16:27


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