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Help me get my anxiety under control

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lostscot Wed 15-Jul-15 22:53:41

As title says I can feel myself getting overrun with anxiety again, most of the time I can keep it in check but it's getting too much. I'm always thinking what if..... Ie we were at a large party at a activity centre last week and before I'd stopped them both dc had legged it up the zip wire, really high with instructors etc like go ape and done it and leap of faith type thing with 10 others. Everyone was fine but I'm now over thinking the what if someone had fallen unattached and I literally can't sleep for panickng they'd have died.
I know my anxiety stems from very poorly son as a baby meningitis, asthma, reflux and pneumonia and me with pnd but I don't know how to stop it now.
Next year dd can go on school camp and already I'm thinking she shouldn't go despite trusting the teachers completely I just can't do it.
I read a article on secondary drowning and wondered if I should still let ds swim! I know it's nuts but can't help it now :-(

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