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Health anxiety flare up

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mintymellons Fri 10-Jul-15 10:31:52

I've never posted on this subject before but have been reading though the archives and can see that it's a well covered topic!

Basically I have HA which manifests as an obsessive search for information about my latest ailment. About ten days ago I started focussing on a small spot/lump type thing on my vulva. I've had it for years, the GP popped it back when it first appeared and it's just sort of remained there ever since. For some reason, I started worrying about it recently and am now convinced I have vulva cancer even though I know that is so unlikely.

In recent years I've self diagnosed the following: multiple sclerosis, brain tumour, breast cancer, stomach cancer etc...

As with most HA sufferers, I have the symptoms but then just extrapolate wildly and turn everything in to cancer.

I hate feeling consumed by this fear and being trapped in the cycle.

Any help gratefully received :-)

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