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Feeling depressed & anxious- skin picking

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Chuckitinthefuckitbucket Thu 09-Jul-15 19:15:08

I've always been a picker, my nails, the skin around my nails, spots, my scalp, skin on my name it I'll pick it.
I do it with out realising a lot, it's usually triggered me anxiety or feeling low and I find it so hard to resist when I realise what I'm doing.
Lately, well since I've had dd (2 years on and off) ive been picking my breasts blush and I now do it everyday. It started when I was breastfeeding and I used to find a spot, tiny little white spot and I'd pop it then start picking away, I've got several scars on my breasts now, about the size of a little finger nail. I'm worried now, I've picked one to such a disgusting point, it looks really sore and it's gone white and yellow. I can't leave it alone. Do I need to build up the courage to go to the doctors? Is there anyhing they could do? Has anyone else had this compulsion?

slightlybonkers Sun 12-Jul-15 16:13:07

There is a recognised skin picking condition
Maybe you have a mild version of this? Hth

MummySparkle Sun 12-Jul-15 23:15:53

I do the same, down to the breasts since breastfeeding to. I have no advice to offer, I do it absent-mindedly too. It might be worth talking to your GP about. They might be able to offer some talking therapies to help. Hugs. It feels so wrong doesn't it, but it's also very compelling blush

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