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Anxiety through the roof - please help

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manchestermummy Wed 08-Jul-15 12:29:02

I feel like the world is crashing about atm.

I'm unbearably stressed about work (not been in all week - leave/meetings/non-working day - so am stressed about my workload) and the pressure I'm under is unreal. Plus some of my colleagues aren't all that nice to me.

I have major health anxiety, namely if I'm ill who will look after the dc on my days off. I keep feeling sick and dizzy and can barely eat because I am so worried that feeling sick might be a stomach bug and if I eat I'll be sick.

I spend most days trying to talk myself out of having panic attacks. Several times a day.

I have a box of citalopram in the house - I've been like this before but haven't taken medication for over a year - but I feel like a complete failure. Certainly the GP thinks I've no reason to be stressed.

Please help. It's all going wrong.

DancingLadyEmoji Wed 08-Jul-15 13:51:08

Bumping this for you, hoping someone wiser than me has good advice

I think you might need a second opinion if your GP doesn't see a need for your stress. If you're not well enough to go to work, I'd get an emergency appt if I were you

I hope things improve


manchestermummy Wed 08-Jul-15 14:44:07

Thank you. I feel okay one minute and in a pit of anxious despair the next.

EmNetta Thu 09-Jul-15 00:28:44

I'm assuming that your GP prescribed citalopram a long while ago and that you stopped taking them - if this is true then it's not surprising that you're feeling so awful, and there is a solution.
Why not see your GP again, showing him/her this thread if it's easier for you, and ask for another prescription for anxiety/depression. There is help.

RockinHippy Thu 09-Jul-15 00:47:08

Go see your GP again as mentioned above, but you might want to try -

complete B Vit supplement
Plus a high dose of magnesium - it's easy to be deficient in these & they both help your body deal with stress,miso you will be more anxious if you are lacking
5htp sort of a natural antidepressant
Chamomile tea - but get the real loose herbal flower heads from a herbalist such as Neals a Yard - a cup of this with honey before bed will help you sleep

We use all of the above for my daughter & they work.

Also look into WHY you suffer with anxiety, it can sometimes have a physical cause, that is under diagnosed - Postural Orthastatic Tachycardia can be a cause & can be treat - it's a symptom of Ehlers Danlos & Hypermobility syndrome & causes something called Dysautonomia - basically, amongst other things, your flight or fight response is broken & so your body forgets how to react to,stress, causing runaway anxiety - my daughter has this, so do I, but her anxiety is worse.

If your heart/pulse rate is fast, especially when you stand up, after sitting or lying down, then this could be the cause & treating the cause, with help the anxiety more than just treating the symptoms

Look at POTSUK & SARS for more info

Your GP can do an "active stand test" but do print of the instructions from POtS UK for this, as they can do it wrong - they did mine wrong 3 times

Good luck

manchestermummy Thu 09-Jul-15 22:11:08

Thanks for the kind words. I'm feeling a little better than the other day. I had something big on at work and I got through it.

Re the citalopram. I started them in 2009 and was on and off them until about 12 months ago. In April ish of this year I started to feel like I couldn't manage any more so asked the GP for more. I got them, but the GP's reluctance to prescribe them makes me feel I shouldn't be taking them.

I hate feeking like this sad.

manchestermummy Thu 09-Jul-15 22:11:35


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