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What should I expect from counselling?

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whostolethesocks Tue 07-Jul-15 17:09:54

I've been referred by my GP. What should I expect? I'm not very good at talking to people at the best of times. Not sure I'll know where to start. Bit frightened.

GourmetGold Tue 07-Jul-15 20:47:05

I went years ago for counselling via my GP, I'd wanted CBT, but the waiting list was really long, the counselling was available quickly.

I had a really lovely, kindly lady who just sat and listened while I told her my problems/about my life. She was really understanding (quiet and gentle manner..not bossy!) and suggested some books to read and gave me some other suggestions for coping better with life.
I could do with seeing her now!!
Don't worry, they are trained to listen to people and should be able help if you feel awkward talking X

LD29 Tue 07-Jul-15 20:53:42

Hi, don't worry. If your GP has referred you, you will most likely be going to see someone like me- I work in the primary mental health team. Your first visit will be around an hour and you will be guided through an assessment. This is about what's going on with you now, information about family and a bit about your childhood. What you disclose is totally up to you. Just remember we are here to help you, not pass judgement or boss you around. Therapy plans are done along side you, with your own goals at the heart of it all. Everyone is nervous at first, but hopefully you will get someone that you can build a rapport with easily- we usually try not to bite wink
Good luck!!

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