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Someone explain to me men and depression??

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Louisa111 Mon 06-Jul-15 08:21:42

My dh I suspect has depression. He works really long hours, is under a huge amount if pressure from work and sadly is not getting much leisure time with us at the moment.
However when he is with us he is like a ticking time bomb. The mood swings are so awful!! One minute he's ok then he's just shouting , screaming. I hate it. He starts on me for no reason, we reached a point last week that was the final
Straw. I told him I couldn't take no more, he was causing arguments the minute he was home over silly things. I said it was over! I didn't mean it but I wanted to shock.

What happened nxt surprised me and I knew this man I was looking at just wasn't right. He didn't seem to care at first, his eyes were empty, he even laughed at me. I couldn't help myself and I just slapped him
Round the face a couple of times, just threw sheer frustration.
Then he broke down.... Said he's under so much stress, pressure, admitted by starting on me he was some kind of release.
I've told him he needs help but the hours he works it's hard to even see a doctor.
Is this typical if depression in men?? When he is home he's so tired a lot, he sleeps quite a bit. I'm so worried about him

OutOfCigarettes Wed 08-Jul-15 20:36:05

Sorry you've waited for a reply.

My DH has just been diagnosed with depression and what you have written sounds very familiar. I have spent a year walking on eggshells waiting for him to 'pop' again. We have discussed splitting up several times (quite rationally I'd like to add) I thought we were just about breaking point. However he finally admitted he thought a lot of it might be in his head and has been on sertraline ADs for nearly two weeks now.

Bouncealine Sat 11-Jul-15 01:37:03

My husband was diagnosed with depression 4 months ago, he suffered for 2 years before that but refused help and attempted to take his own life. It got to the point where I had to say this is it, rang the depression help line and they spoke to him on the phone. Within ten mins they had booked him in to relate for the next day and arranged for the doctor to ring him to arrange a prescription for 20mg citroplam, he's now gone up to 40mg but the difference in him is unbelievable! It's like I have him back. He has bad days but he has good days too now. Good luck!!

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