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Can severe trauma re-surface later on? I think that's what is happening with me and I'd appreciate some support

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Theodora86 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:54:08

I'm really struggling at the moment, I think I probably have PTSD and depression but I've never been officially diagnosed. In fact, I've been really struggling for about a year now )-: , just doing the minimum to get by re kids and housework etc. Not finding much joy in anything, sleeping too much or can't sleep at all, "waves" of severe or strange depressive feelings / flashbacks / panic feelings (feel like the beginning of panic attacks) throughout the days.

I'm still "young" (late twenties) , but most of the trauma I've been through I'd say was between ages of 12 and early 20s. I'm finding it strange that it's all only really started to affect me now?

I've witnessed murder, been sexually abused at 14, and been involved in prostitution a significant time, and also I have a long term health condition (diagnosed at age 17) which involves chronic pain and that really does not help matters for me mentally because the physical pain is hard to cope with as well as the mental.

I feel as if I will never get over these things, they still affect me so , it seems no matter what I try in the way of techniques and counselling etc, I still have constant intrusive thoughts like a TV running over and over in my mind, and the depressive feelings, empty feelings. I'm effectively a single parent of 2 children of primary age, although their father is in the picture, and I need to somehow pull myself together and move forward but it's all just too overwhelming.

I don't really know what I'm asking! I don't know many people who I could talk to irl about any of this, just some family who only know parts of the story, and a couple friends who know even less. I'd appreciate any support or help from other adults (-: , on a way I can move forwards.

NotAJammyDodger Thu 02-Jul-15 21:57:41

You been through an awful time sad. I think anyone who has been through what you have would be prone to the trauma resurfacing, especially when it happened at a young age. Are you able to see your GP and get refered to some form of therapy?

TendonQueen Thu 02-Jul-15 22:15:26

I think that because you've never really processed this by talking it through with anyone, it's never really gone away - it's not even 'resurfacing' because it's always been there, it's just that you've coped alongside it. You need to get medical treatment for your depression and physical pain, and also to find a good counsellor who will help you explore your feelings and come to terms with your experiences. You are clearly very strong to have dealt with it all, but you don't have to keep that up forever. flowers

buttonmoonboots Sat 04-Jul-15 11:14:04

It's very very common for trauma to re-emerge later. It does sound like PTSD. A lot of people find that things emerge when they reach a point where they're a bit safer in their lives. I also think it can be like holding onto something heavy until it eventually slips out of your hand and breaks, if that makes sense?

What kinds of counselling have you tried? It sounds like EMDR might be helpful - I've not had it but have heard good things.

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