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A memory zapping cure for anxiety?

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goldsilver Wed 01-Jul-15 06:03:16

Hello everyone
I have suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia, emetophobia and health anxiety (and I now also have GAD) for 30 years which probably sounds like a long time to many of you but I do have good coping strategies and have never given up.
But I want to share with you a bizarre experience to see what you think and to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar.
Seeing a psychologist can be no mean feat and expensive if not on the NHS but I managed to see one attached to my local hospital. A fluke really that I was referred.
Anyway he reckons he is the memory repair man! He zaps memories using EMDR and he really believes that this therapy works. Wish I had the faith in him!
He had the wrong notes, couldn't find the right chair. There was meant to be a trainee with me (to be on my journey with me) who never turned up. She wasn't even mentioned.
He asked me about my life. I told him and it wasn't pretty. Full of traumatic experiences.
Thing is, when I have anxiety, I am not automatically thinking...Oh God, I remember that time when...! What I am actually thinking is, Christ, not again, what if it isn't anxiety, what if I am ill? That kind of thing. I am not having flashbacks to when I was a kid or another nasty experience. This is when I am not sure EMDR works for GAD or health anxiety. I mean, I am not saying the anxiety does not have an origin, a traumatic memory, or many, (for I know it does, I know I was conditioned as a kid) but that is not often what I am thinking about when I am anxious or when I feel unable to walk down the road.
So he waggles this big ruler in front of me, and I am watching it with my eyes (slowly feeling a bit dazed) and I can't think! I can't think of the memory, or my mother or anything really. I can see him looking at the clock, scratching his groin! He raced through three traumatic memories he reckons I have (which I really couldn't focus on) and then I just said that my distress level had gone down because I know that's what he wanted me to say!
There were no phases that he went through that is meant to happen with EMDR and no peaceful place that he suggested I go to in my head.
Then when it was over, it was like, there you are, you are cured of three traumatic memories and you have just found out that it works!
He struck me as incompetent and pretty big headed too as he reckons he has cured hundreds of people. I'd like to know how...where are these people? Course I can't find anything written about him, no feedback. Yet he is a chartered, clinical psychologist!
When I came out, I couldn't even remember what day it was! How that happened, I do not know. My other half said that I seemed more relaxed, but I felt spaced out. I don't know why that is...perhaps it was the partly hypnotic effect of that damn ruler!
I have another appointment on Friday. I haven't felt better (and haven't exactly felt worse either).
What do you think? Any experiences? Would you return to a groin scratching, clock watching psychologist?!
Thank you

griselda101 Wed 01-Jul-15 15:39:34

sounds like he's not very pro, aren't they meant to talk you into it slowly and out of it slowly and be careful about how they go into stuff?

would it be worth you speaking to a qualified EMDR therapist on the phone (private) for a quick chat to see what they think about what happened and if they operate the same way?

that said i think you need a few sessions to notice a real difference, but if you can't relax with the therapist then maybe he's not the right one for you, I think it's important to get the right one.

I've not done EMDR but looked into it for a friend.

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