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Fluoxetine and too sleepy

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SuperGaGa Fri 26-Jun-15 09:22:59

I've just increased my dose from 20 to 40mg and I feel so heavy headed, headaches, yawning and sooo tired. I never had this on 20. I'm worrying the dose is too high as I feel really 'drugged'. Any advice would be great. Thanks MNers

NotAJammyDodger Fri 26-Jun-15 10:24:39

I think that it's pretty normal. Whenever my meds have been increased I am zonked for a while then it settles down. You could try a more gentle increase such as up to 30mg before moving on to 40mg. I would wait a week or so and if your still feeling drugged-up go back to your GP. There are loads of AD meds out there which effect people differently so if fluoxetine in the longterm doesn't work, try another.

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