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Post natal MH yet to settle

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fanciesdefrancais Thu 25-Jun-15 20:45:51

So, I don't want to drip feed, but as with all things MH, it's complicated.

Long and short: I Have been on one pill or another most of my adult life. I fell pg with DS v quickly after coming off it. I experienced severe mood swings, anxiety and periodic bouts of depression while pg. I developed significant post-natal anxiety/depression thereafter, linked to a semi-rational fear of infant mortality (lightening has struck my family repeatedly). Same again with DD, shortly thereafter. I had a pretty traumatic birth which meant surgery after I stopped b/fing. I went back to work shortly after that - v melodramatic but it has been like every heartbreak and bereavement I've ever had, rolled into one x zillion. Every. Day. Add to that that I am the sole earner and have a challenging/stressful job and pull v long hours quite often (not that DH doesn't, of course!).

I've noticed that everything is a million times worse during the 7-10 days before my period - not sure if it's linked.

I basically need a coping strategy as DD is now 18 months and I really need everything to settle down.

I've had some positive results with self-hypnosis and home grown CBT and my DH is as supportive as he can possibly be considering that he can't really understand how I feel and I am, at times, completely unrecognisable from the me I once was.

I'm thinking: back on the pill, even though I don't need it for contraception? Or an anti-d like lofepramine, which apparently assists with anxiety too?

I feel like I just need a bit of relief to get myhead together. I'm high functioning - just feel indescribably terrible.

Sorry for length and the fact that I may have to post and run as lots going on here tonight (as always).

Anyone experienced similar? If so, what helped you? Are my pill/anti-d ideas stupid?

I have v little faith in GP coming to my rescue unless I suggest a solution...

NotAJammyDodger Fri 26-Jun-15 11:45:28

I would write a list of your key concerns (e.g. Anxiety, mood swings , worse pre-period etc) and see if I could see another GP in your practice. Unfortunately, the GP is the gatekeeper to other services such as therapy as well as meds.

For each concern think about whether:
- any family history of mental health issues or other significant health concerns (e.g. Thyroid problem, diabetes etc)
- you want medical checks done (blood test) to rule out other medical causes (thyroid problem, vitamin deficiency, coeliac disease, diet, sugar levels, hormone imbalance etc),
- you want mental health medications (antidepressants, anti anxiety tablets)
- you want therapy (or both meds and therapy)

Might help you steer your outcome with the GP better.

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