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Please help i'm scared im going to lose my mum!!

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meowcatuk Thu 25-Jun-15 18:48:03

Please help, any advice would be brilliant as cannot find anything online! My mum is addicted to prescription drugs and takes too many sleeping and codeine tablets. She is extremely depressed won't leave the house and very rarely gets out of bed, she wants to "hide away". We can't afford rehab and she wants help what can I do? Tried to come off it previously and she tried to jump from her window. She is on anti depresents since her cancer - seroxat. Any advice would be great I feel so useless xx

holeinmyheart Thu 25-Jun-15 21:10:32

First of all I don't think you can do anything to prevent your Mother's depression. You are not responsible for her life and the decisions she makes, as she is an adult.
You will tear yourself apart if you think that you can achieve the impossible, which is to change her into someone else.

You need to think about yourself and preserve your own health whist being there for her, supporting her , not subsuming your own life and merging it with hers.
Sorry if it seems harsh but even if you move in with your Mother and arrange a day to day entertainment/ occupation, for her , any change has to come from your Mother. Anything imposed on her will fail.
So support her by all means but step back and continue with your own life. After all you only get one go at it.
Sadly if your Mother chooses to end hers , despite all your love and care, then it is her decision.
Remember YOU are not responsible.

UnbelievableBollocks Thu 25-Jun-15 22:33:23

If she's serious about wanting to come off the drugs then there is help out there. First step would be for her to go back to her GP. Take her there yourself if you think it would help. Explain what the issues are and they can look into referring her to specialist drug and addiction services.

You can't fix your mum yourself, but you can help her access the services that may help. Do you think she'd go back to the GP with you?

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