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Finally starting to feel better but now I'm scared

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slushie Sun 21-Jun-15 21:42:17

Long story short I've had depression since childhood. I've been on medication for 10 years and have recently swapped on to a new one. It's been positive so far and I've been happy. I haven't felt happy for a long long time.
However I'm now terrified of going back down again. If I feel a bit flat I start panicking that its all going wrong again.
How can I deal with this adjustment. Has anyone got any a advice?

bettysviolin Mon 22-Jun-15 16:52:08

Now that you are feeling a bit better on it, can you make some time to create a lifestyle that is protective against depression?
There's a list online somewhere, that includes:
daily exercise especially outdoors, for at least 30 mins
fresh air and sunshine outdoors for at least 30 mins near midday or 1 hour either side of that every day
5-8 fresh foods a day
CBT (eg Mindgym online)
watching funny or feelgood films & TV,
listening to upbeat music,
reading comic or uplifting books
seeing friends 3 times per week face to face, even if just for a quick coffee or dog walk
make sure there is something in your diary every week that you genuinely look forward to, and some small thing planned each day that you genuinely look forward to
counting blessings each night for things you enjoyed or appreciated that day

Apparently if you can make a habit of the things on this list while you are not in deep depression, they can help you keep free from it for much longer. I try (not always successfully) to remember to stick to this list each day and it does make a difference.

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