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cutting off family

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laurentiisdee15 Thu 18-Jun-15 21:06:45

i am new to this but really would like feed back on experience or your views.
I have been facing alot of problems with my family for a very long time now, every single member in fact. All of my family back stab me on any and every occasion, they gossip about me, they pretend to be nice and ask me personal questions then spread the info around, especially to my ex partner. one of my male family members physically assaulted me, and another male member verbally assaulted me, each time in front of my child. now a 3rd male member has turned against me and is spreading vicious nasty rumours about me which are extremely character damaging, my aunt is speaking to me and pretends to back me up but has been on their side the whole time, just passing on info i have not confronted her as yet. my grandmother, is a very nasty mouthed woman who constantly knocks my confidence, she does not support me starting a new career or moving away to start a new life, i have confronted her and asked for her support in regards to her children miss treating us for no reason but she went behind my back and has took her sons side. Since moving away last year i have made 6 trips to visit grandmother to look after her, 2 weeks at a time, and still i have been given no support. She even lied to the police about her son physically assaulting me and it happened infront of her. She did not take the level of care i have given her into consideration, and apparently condones her sons behaviour. No one telephones me asking about how my new life or career is going, nothing. But i hear from some one back home they are all trying to find out what i am upto and to find my new address, which they know i have a court order against my ex partner, but they seem to be hell bent on ruining my life. I feel i can not trust or speak to my aunt or my grandmother about anything informative, area, jobs, friends, social life, in fear of it being released to the others. Should i cut off the whole family?? my grandmother, who i feel is the epicentre of all my anxiety and fear of family?? I feel they are extremely jealous, very toxic and damaging to my child and i. I have not spoke to any family for 2 weeks now and feel fantastic, is it healthy to cut off the whole family?? as i would have no family left.....HELP ME!!!! i WOULD LOVE SOME ADVICE OR IF YOU HAVE A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE.
Thank you x

Angelface5 Thu 18-Jun-15 22:44:55

If that's how you feel,then I think you answered your question yourself. Only you can decide what is best for you and your children.
I speak to my mother for the sake of my dc. I get the odd text from my younger sister. And that's my family.
As long as I have my dc I don't need anyone else. X

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