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anxiety or me being sensitive?

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teabagsmummy Wed 17-Jun-15 13:55:21

Hi didn't know where to post
Basically i've been suffering from anixety and depression after a really bad rta and losing several babies in the last few years.
I am an assistant cub leader at my ds group i'm fairly new to itI also work full time night shift as a nurse.I get on fine with the main cub leader but often feel a bit lost.My problem is the scouts are on at a later time, the guy that takes scouts has made a few comments about me standing about doing nothing with my hands in my pockets at cub camp or at the weekly meetings basically saying i'm doing nothing.
The fact is if i hadn't stepped in to be an assistant leader the cubs would of folded.
I've asked my ds if he thinks i do nothing and says i'm great,it's getting to the stage i'm dreading the weekly meeting and really want to jack it in.
Sorry for long post so what i'm looking for advice on is
1) is it my mh thats affected my ability
2) maybe i'm crap
3) is the scout leader a bully
4) should i quit

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