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Anxiety advice needed

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myneighbourtotoro2 Tue 16-Jun-15 10:13:55

Hi , hoping someone has some advice.

I have always been incredibly anxious . I left my job a few years ago because of panic attacks and it took months after to be free from them. I'm now a sahm to two dcs.

I recently went on a holiday with my Inlaws. They are all nice people but A villa holiday with people other than my immediate family is a nightmare for me. I went on the holiday as I didn't want to cause offence to dh's family who had paid a lot of money.

I'm now back home and have had panic attacks everyday since. I cried at the supermarket yesterday whilst at the till, it was mortifying.

I'm just finding it really hard to get through the day at the moment . My dcs are 2 and 9 months so very full on .

Any advice would be very gratefully received smile

myneighbourtotoro2 Tue 16-Jun-15 12:06:13


gingersquirrels Tue 16-Jun-15 12:09:53

Sorry to hear this. Have you heard of Anxiety UK? They can give advice and they do low cost counselling. Also have you seen your GP?

myneighbourtotoro2 Tue 16-Jun-15 12:22:06

Oh I'll check out anxiety UK thanks . I'm on propranolol for migraines which does help a bit but I've also got arthritis and am on drugs for that so I'm a bit reluctant to take anything more .
I was referred for cbt a few years ago but quit because I panicked about telling my new boss, maybe that's something the gp could refer me to again.

gingersquirrels Tue 16-Jun-15 12:34:58

That sounds like a good idea.

Candlefairy101 Tue 16-Jun-15 13:33:37

Did you have any attacks on holiday or has it just since you've come home? I hate anxiety my description is climbing the walls, or I'm quiet in the outside but inside I'm screamingconfused what is it your thinking about that is causing this while at home back in your own environment? What are you thinking about right before an attack? X

myneighbourtotoro2 Tue 16-Jun-15 14:16:55

Do you know what candle I have no idea what's causing them here . They usually come when the dcs are being particularly annoying or that time in the supermarket when I just felt completely overwhelmed for no reason . My dcs are often annoying grin but never so much so that I panic about it.

I guess it feels like I've been holding it together for a week and now I'm home I feel like all my anxiety is just coming out.

Thanks for your reply .

Candlefairy101 Tue 16-Jun-15 14:57:26

I've been there! The only way my anxiety got under control what the medication called quetiapine, I ended up on a mother and baby mental health ward sectioned because I was struggling tdepression and anxiety but still trying to act normal, I WOULD NOT except that I was ill, I went on the ward to rest and I slept the whole three weeks! When I came out and on quietiapine I felt better than I did before I even remember. Do you take meds ? Are you under a mental health team? X

Candlefairy101 Tue 16-Jun-15 15:00:49

P.s you maybe able to help me? I'm anxious today as I did a pregnancy test and he came out positive, I've only just got over 'my difficult time' and I'm worried how I'll cope with 2under 18mnths and one and one 4 year old at school confused, I understand you have two under two? Without your anxiety do you generally cope with two young ones? X

myneighbourtotoro2 Tue 16-Jun-15 15:30:59

Congratulations candle !! Yes I definitely cope fine with my two except when this anxiety comes back . It is difficult but it hasn't had an impact on making me more anxious or anything.

I'm not on any medication specifically for anxiety just propanolol for migraines which helps with anxiety too . It does come in waves for me and it isn't really all the time I wasn't sure whether drugs would be worth it ?
I take so many tablets each week for my Arthritis that adding more to the list seems a bit overwhelming.

LittleMissIntrovert Tue 16-Jun-15 15:39:18

You can refer yourself for counselling in some areas, it's free from the nhs called talking therapies. They provide face to face and telephone counselling and CBT.

I've used it before and have just referred myself again as my anxiety has really peaked. My first appointment is next week.

Anxiety is horrible isn't it? I know what's causing mine (problems in marriage and a husband who thinks I should just stop worrying hmm ) but there is no easy solution. The anxiety is stopping me leaving, even though I think it would be better in the long run.

I would love to not be anxious any more.

myneighbourtotoro2 Tue 16-Jun-15 15:52:44

Sorry to hear that littlemissintrovertsad
It really is horrible and comments like just stop worrying are so unhelpful .

I still find that a lot of people do not understand anxiety at all despite it being so common.

I hope your appointment goes well I think ill look it up myself . Thanks for your reply.

Candlefairy101 Tue 16-Jun-15 16:50:51

Mine also comes in waves because I have bipolar, the quietiapine levels me out, my mum suffers with EXTREME anxiety and every since taking quietiapine she hasn't had it in 4 years! I know medicine is not always the answer for some and I don't want to seem I'm pushing this on you, just explaining how much it has helped me and mum. I know you worry about taking lots of medication but think to your self what is one tablet in the morning compared to these very random anxiety attacks? I always do a pro and con list xx

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