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Emetophobia - DS3 has the worst bug ever

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Thegianttap Mon 15-Jun-15 16:23:00

And I'm a complete bag of anxiety. I feel as if I am living in hell. He started off 5am Sunday morning and is still being sick (only twice today but large volume each time). Besides worrying about him being able to take in liquids and worrying about him of course I am in a huge state of anxiety about DS1, DS2, DH and me getting it. It is a horrid, horrid feeling. I just needed to write it down and share. I hate, hate, hate this feeling and it is June not November! There shouldn't be bugs in June, should there? There is one going around the school so I know it is a bug.

Rachie1986 Mon 15-Jun-15 16:28:44

No words of wisdom but totally sympathise.. hope you all avoid it and it clears soon xx

Thegianttap Mon 15-Jun-15 16:34:31

I just want to find a corner and cry but I can't.

Thegianttap Tue 16-Jun-15 06:21:07

Hello, we survived another night. Nobody else is ill yet but the anxiety I feel is crippling. I've had a terrible night's sleep, my stomach is in knots. DH is in London today (3 hours away) so fingers crossed I survive healthy until he get home.

Rachie1986 Tue 16-Jun-15 16:51:07

I would think if you're not ill yet and first sickness was Sun you might have escaped? crosses fingers for you

Thegianttap Tue 16-Jun-15 17:18:47

Still doing well! DS3 still being sick and I've phoned GP about him (I say that but he's sat next to me now eating dry toast so fingers crossed). I spoke to his teacher today (he's in reception), they have 12 out of 27 off with sickness so far since Wednesday. That's fast. DS1 and DS2 and DH also still fine. It's like having a time bomb ticking.

It's June! These things should not be here in June. There's another local school that is thinking of closing because of a norovirus outbreak.

Thegianttap Wed 17-Jun-15 16:31:30

The update is DS3 is still being sick. We went to the Drs today and he checked him over and ruled out anything nasty. So I don't know what is up. Nobody else (touch wood) has come down with it. It's heartbreaking to see him feeling so awful for so long sad

Chelsea89 Fri 19-Jun-15 11:45:22

@Thegianttap how is everything today? I have the same anxiety disorder regarding the fear of vomit, well it's not really vomit it's the bug I fear, if one of them was to get it and that was it I would cope but I constantly worry that it will spread, I'm waiting for cbt again to see if it helps. But I 100% agree that there shouldn't be any bugs at this time of year!!! Hope your DS3 is feeling better today x

Thegianttap Fri 19-Jun-15 19:47:56

Hi Chelsea89, DS3 is much better now, back to school on Monday as he hasn't been sick since Wed. I did take him to the Drs on Wed as that was Day 4 of being sick. But the Dr couldn't find anything untoward and concluded it was just a bug he wasn't able to throw off. It was horrid. And so far, by some miracle, touch wood, the rest of us are fine. I am symptom spotting like mad though. I feel really tired this evening. Is it the bug? But I'm hungry. So no, just tired? Every time my stomach has gurgled I've thought 'oooh no here we go' but so far nothing. I really hope it stays that way as next week is a very busy week for me I need to be healthy (never mind my fear of being ill). I did have some CBT three years ago and it was for PND / post-natal insomnia but we did cover my issues with sickness and it did help a little. Perhaps because it wasn't focused on that specifically though it wasn't enough.

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