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social workers are doing nothing but go round in circles

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debbie0297 Mon 15-Jun-15 16:20:02

hello i am new on this site my grandson he as allways lived with me and is just 14 he as a weight problem and i have seen many doctors and dietitians since he was 2 i saw a doctor 4 yrs ago at my local hospital he promised he would help him after our first app i heard nothing 4 months later he attended a meeting at school and informed me my grandson was to be a in patient on the following monday or he would have him took away my grandson was at the meeting so heard this he went in hospital for 10 day and lost nothing i then asked to be refered to a specialist this doctor then informed s/s that the reason he lost no weight is because i was sneaking food in to the hospital (i was not ) since then my grandson does not trust anyone at all its as if it just broke him he wont talk to anyone hates school he wont go out he wont mix with anyone i again 18months tried to get help over school as he would just refuse point blank to go in but of cause he would not engage with them at all so they refered me to s/s who came in saying they were looking at charging me with child abuse over his weight (this was disproved ) and again he would be removed from my care he is now so depressed and angry thinks the whole world is out to get him s/s have classed him as a child in need but offer nothing they come round every week but its just the same week in week out i ask them what can i do they say they dont know but they can not leave us alone i fell i am fighting a battle i know if i stop leting them in they will look to geting a care order i could go on forever about how we have been let down WHAT CAN I DO

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