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Scared, anxious, low *poss trigger*

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anxious123 Wed 10-Jun-15 23:45:03

Not sure if I actually have the nerve to post this.

In August 2013 I was raped at the hands of my now ex partner. The rape led to a pregnancy. It's all just gotten a bit too much for me to deal with and Ive gone back to self harming as a result. I'm too scared to tell those around me that I'm struggling but i just need someone to know sad

Sijeunessesavait Thu 11-Jun-15 11:25:42

Well done for posting here, anxious, and for taking the first step to getting better. Please do seek some real life help, though, whether via your GP or someone else you can trust. You deserve to be helped, and to get support so that you can deal with the trauma.

Be kind to yourself, think what you would say to someone else if they were going through what you're suffering, and try to take your own advice (easier said than done, I know). Nobody could be expected to deal with this alone, so please please reach out to someone who is equipped to help you, and meanwhile keep posting here if you find it helpful to write about it.


Queenofknickers Thu 11-Jun-15 11:31:00

I don't have advice but wanted you to know you aren't alone, you deserve help and support and this is a safe place to talk x

anxious123 Thu 11-Jun-15 11:55:07

Thank you guys for your kind words. I had thought I was hiding things pretty well but apparently I'm not as good at faking it as id hoped sad

Spent another night in tears.

OwlAtEase Thu 11-Jun-15 12:29:34

I'm so, so sorry that happened to you.

I know you said you're too scared to talk to the people around you, but do you have one close friend or family member that you could confide in about the self harming? Maybe they could go with you to your GP? Or if you don't feel that you can say the words out loud to anyone, can you print out this thread and take it to your GP? There are people who can help when you are suffering like this, you don't have to try and get through it alone.

Please do keep posting if it helps. There are lots of lovely, supportive people here flowers

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