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Lack of understanding and support

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lizabeth0607 Sat 06-Jun-15 11:50:06

Hi everyone,
This is really hard for me to come out with but so so needed.
I have had anxiety on and off for a long time now, but starting university 2 years ago has made it considerably worse.
It's now so bad it interferes with my life and relationships, I told my partner and feel like I shouldn't have bothered. He is not understanding at all, for example he wanted to take our children out for the day today, but as it wasn't planned or expected, made me feel anxious immediately- I tried to explain this and he just burst out with "we won't do anything then, another boring weekend stuck in" and other similar statements. He just doesn't understand the real ness of how I feel, it makes me feel worse, like a great big useless let down.
I feel like he doesn't understand at all, I wish I never told him. sad

snufflinghedgehog Sat 06-Jun-15 15:22:42

Well done for posting liz flowers I am sorry that your partner isn't being supportive.
Have you seen your GP about this? -you don't have to struggle alone. You might be able to have CBT to help with your anxiety.
I am sure other posters will be along to help soon.
flowers for you x

lizabeth0607 Sat 06-Jun-15 16:48:56

I just wish he would understand that I don't want to ruin spontaneous days out, it's just so hard for me.

I have seen gp numerous times over the years, medication seems to make me worse, and as the anxiety often upsets my stomach- I worry that the medication won't help that either, it's just a vicious circle that I can't seem to defeat ATM.
He thinks I'm down and depressed when I am actually a really upbeat person, just riddled with this anxiety.
Thanks for your reply smile

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