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TTC whilst on sertraline

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RegLlamaOfBrixton Wed 03-Jun-15 08:57:28

I on 50mg sertraline for the third time, day 6 since I restarted. On the advice of my GP I came off it in March with no problems to TTC DC3 but had an early miscarriage later that month. We have since continued TTC but various circumstances have meant that the miscarriage has really hit me hard in the last week and I entered a debilitating bout of depression. I know from experience that sertraline is the most effective way to get me functioning again for both myself and my family.

My GP's initial advice before we started TTC was that
s jot.

RegLlamaOfBrixton Wed 03-Jun-15 09:15:53

Argh, glitchy phone!

My GP's initial advice before we started TTC was to wean off the sertraline but if this was not possible then the benefits to me would outweigh the small risk to the baby.

But when I saw him on Monday he seemed a bit hmm that I had restarted sertraline but advised me to continue TTC if that's what we want, which it is, but that if I do get pregnant to wean off in second ttrimester.

RegLlamaOfBrixton Wed 03-Jun-15 09:18:48

Bloody phone! I will get there!

But I'm worried about risks to the baby in first trimester and wondering if I could try to wean off if I do find myself pregnant, even if this is in a month or two.

Any experiences? TIA.

Aquamarine70 Thu 04-Jun-15 10:18:12

I took sertraline & olanzapine whilst pg & my DD was ok . I reduced the dose towards the end of the pregnancy.

RegLlamaOfBrixton Thu 04-Jun-15 10:33:10

Thanks, I know people IRL who've taken throughout pregnancy and my GP wasn't against it, just wanted me to be aware that it was something to think about.

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