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Depression - how do you escape it?

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MrNedSchneebly Tue 19-May-15 15:33:29

I suffered from crippling post natal depression with my first. It was horrific. Thankfully I came out the other side and went to have a second. I didn't get it again and I was so relieved.

But now my second is eight months old and out of absolutely nowhere it seems to be creeping back. All of a sudden I am recognising the symptoms. How do I stop it taking hold of me again? What do I do?

I'm reluctant to take antidepressants again as I'm BFing.

BigBirthdayGloom Tue 19-May-15 16:21:08

First of all, well done for recognising it. Secondly, don't panic about antidepressants and breastfeeding. There are plenty that are fine. It is horrible slipping back-I felt that panic a few weeks ago, but I have dragged myself out before it really took hold by using cbt techniques I learnt last time and really telling dh and a couple of friends how I felt. And, because I just felt the need to "get it out" without being too self indulgent with friends, I rang the Samaritans who listened while I worked it through and made a plan. I guess what I'm saying, if you've been there before, you're in a better position to start sorting it out before its taken hold as much.
Lots of supportive vibes coming your way-depression sucks and the very though of it makes you feel worse.

BigBirthdayGloom Tue 19-May-15 16:21:39

See the gp soon, though.

MrNedSchneebly Tue 19-May-15 17:54:35

Thank you. Anti ds are so horrible in the beginning though. I want to avoid it. Is it possible do you think to nip it in the bud with CBT? I've never done it before.

BigBirthdayGloom Tue 19-May-15 19:18:50

Again, see your gp. I had two lots of four sessions of one to one cbt style counselling and it really helped. Truthfully though, I really started to be able to use the cbt things when I had anti d's too. Until the meds, I didn't have enough balance to put the cbt into practice.

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