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Emetophobia issues again - please talk some sense into me

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spacechimp Tue 12-May-15 11:43:26

Feeling so annoyed with myself - really thought I had a better handle on it now and haven't posted about this for a long time. But we had a school group in work this morning - Year 7 I think. I walked through our reception area and saw a girl sitting at the table there on her own. I assumed she'd been sent out of the group for being disruptive, but my colleague said there was a weird smell. I was still unconcerned, but on walking back through the area I saw her teacher with an empty plastic tub and other colleagues said that the girl had been sick a few times into the tub. Now I am completely panicking about being infected, even though I wasn't there when she was actually sick. And I know it might not be something contagious anyway. But some of my colleagues are idiots and I know won't have washed their hands or cleaned the table she was at. I'm trying to talk myself down from having a complete panic and making an excuse to work elsewhere this afternoon. I know I need to calm down and just be vigilant about hand washing etc, which I am anyway. I hate this.

GentlyGentlyOhDear Tue 19-May-15 04:07:43

Not sure if you're still around, but I'm struggling with this at the minute and have been practically housebound the past week and a half to avoid friends who have had a nasty bug and keep out of the way of toddler groups, activities, play areas etc.

My 3 year old is going a bit stir crazy and missing her friends, but my anxiety levels are through the roof (hence why I am awake at 4am after having a panic attack when I heard my dd call out in the night in case she was ill.)

Need to start taking action about it so the panic and anxiety don't escalate like they have in the past...

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