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has anyone had any experience of a dwp telephone hearing tribunal?

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wfrances Mon 11-May-15 10:27:25

morning all,
my claim for pip has gone to tribunal.
this is an awful situation for me, as i suffer with severe agoraphobia and socialphobia and severe ptsd (especially being in a car) which is some of the reasons ive applied for it ( ive previously been in receipt of dla)
i have applied to have it at my home but with the rules/regulations they set my home is too small - they said i could find a local venue but as of yet the CAB are having trouble finding one (im unable to make the phone calls to locate one)
the tribunal clerk has suggested a telephone hearing.
does anyone have experience of one, my CAB have never heard let alone dealt with one. so theyre unsure if it ll be in my best interests iykwim.
i m about to send in all my medical evidence and supporting letters - which have just cost me £30 ,so im hoping that this will be enough to stop the tribunal
back story - ive only recently been reconnected with my mental health team so had no current medical evidence at time of application .
my agoraphobia stops me going out full stop ,so i couldnt attend appointments for 8 years and somehow i got lost in the system and have deteriorated so badly - my new psychiatrist said "im the most anxious person shed ever met."
im so bad i even keep all curtains/blinds closed and barricade the doors when everyone leaves for the day at 8.30.
how the hell i can i travel 40 mile round trip to appear at a court tribunal?
any advice greatly appreciated.

lazymum99 Wed 13-May-15 12:08:48

Do you and are you able to deal with all the benefits stuff yourself. If you are too ill you can look into having an appointee. If you did this they could speak for you at a tribunal. I've never heard of a telephone hearing. They will do a paper hearing but that is unadvisable, you have a much better chance of success at an oral hearing. Has the process already gone through reconsideration? With new medical evidence that is applicable for the date of the claim the decision may be overturned before a hearing. Make sure that the medical reports specifically detail your problems with going out, planning a journey etc. I can't remember all the activities which give you points but check it out. The more specific the evidence is in addressing these areas the better chance. The CAB should have experience in this.

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