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Do I let myself get signed off sick?

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owlborn Wed 06-May-15 14:49:37

I'm diagnosed bipolar. Hospitalised twice. Been stable for six months, been in work reliably for a year.

This last month has been super stressful - DH has a new and pretty full on job, we're moving from one end of the country to another with pretty much no notice, having to sell one house and buy another and my employers have been very ratty about my handing in my notice and needing time off for any of this so I mostly haven't. We're also under a lot of pressure financially due to this move (we'll be fine in three months but we've had to pay 6 months rent on a new place up front plus moving costs) and this is a very busy time at work for me anyway.

This last week I've stopped sleeping. 6 am rolls around and I'm awake. I sleep for a few hours and then am not tired any more. I swing between not wanting to go indoors as it feels enclosed and stops me moving and not wanting to go outside. Not sure why but the sky feels quite big. My senses feel super acute and everything feels a bit...more. I am also feeling more anxious than usual - jagged and on edge.

DH has asked me to see my care coordinator and I'm seeing her tomorrow. I suspect she'll want to sign me off work as she's been a bit unconvinced about my doing a reasonably pressured job for a while. DH thinks this would be the right thing to do, esp as I'm leaving anyway and may not be working for a while (for various reasons this move removes the financial need to do so). I'm worried that if I end my job signed off sick it'll be a bad note to end on, may affect my reference if I do want another job, and...I feels like defeat.

Any advice?

Preciousbane Wed 06-May-15 14:58:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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