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Blind panic and highly anxious - how to relieve this?

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Lurgano Tue 05-May-15 13:59:10

I am in this horrific state of blind panic and heightened anxiety. I have been through 2 major life crises simultaneously which endured for nearly a year - both of which (my career and my marriage) have totally crushed my sense of self and identity and require that I rebuild my life from scratch.

I have experienced depression in the past - but this feels very different. I do not want to go back on to ADs as I do not feel depressed - more terrorised, deminished, eroded to the point that my past has been rewritten.

What can I do to deal with this all consuming, paralysing panic?

Ashbeeee Tue 05-May-15 20:20:15

Oh, poor you that's rubbish. Get some professional help. Counselling and/or CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) will undoubtedly help - ask your GP. In the meantime (there will probably be a waiting list) try contacting 'relaxation for living' who can help with exercises to deal with panics and anxiety (they really work). And yoga is good for body and soul as well.
We all have crap stuff happen and it doesn't mean that you are crap. I'm sure you are secretly fantastic smile. Indeed I see from your note that you are rebuilding your life. That takes strength and courage, time, and patience, and oodles of support and encouragement from people around you. Look for and cherish the small victories, and once a month make sure you stand, look back and let yourself acknowledge the progress you have made. Bit by bit you will move to a more positive place, and you are already on that road and making progress. That's empowering - a key thing to help combat panics.
And there are always positives to find in a bad situation. This is a chance to reinvent yourself. A chance for a fresh start. Try thinking of something you've always wanted to do, but we're too 'held back' to do, and start to plan how you will achieve it - even if it takes ages. Taking control is empowering and will make you feel brave.
Go for it. Get help, you can do it. You can, I know you can.
Sisterly hugs x

Ps read 'feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers. Awesome book, easy to read and lots of practical help to help un-paralyse you.

MerryKat Tue 05-May-15 20:29:03

Everything ashbeeee said! And try website for downloads on anxiety! Google mindfulness too. Definitely helps but takes practice!
Cbt has a great evidence base but can take a while to get through GP. There's lots of guided self help out there. Have a browse and see what looks like it might be a help for you.
Look after yourself-good sleep, eat well, walk a bit each day. The basics ( sound silly) but they all add up to improved wellbeing.
Remember you might not be the person you were as you've been squashed by everything but you will rebuild yourself and be an even stronger better version! flowers

Lurgano Wed 06-May-15 09:03:03

Thank you for your kind words it has really helped. I know that I need to put in place the small things that I can control that will make me feel better and let the big stuff take care of itself. I need as you say to reflect and take strength from the small steps I have taken each day - and yes I need to get sort cbt and start exercise/mindfulness/yoga etc.

MerryKat Wed 06-May-15 20:08:27

One thing at a time. You can do it! flowers

Ashbeeee Fri 08-May-15 13:35:31

Hey how's it going?

Lurgano Sun 10-May-15 14:52:53

Up and down. I know what I need to do but have not taken much action yet. I often have half a bottle of wine at night - and have found in the past that getting rid of this habit helps me - so this needs to be my start point.

sharpeiN1975 Wed 13-May-15 17:54:22

Hey how are u doing?? I am new on here..noticed your post as I too suffer with horrendous anxiety..I had to give up work last yr due to I'll health now have severe mobility problems and my partner left me recently just after we moved house I have two lads ones autistic (13) and ones 18.. Sending you a huge hug I too need to get some kinda new life but just don't know where to start!!!

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