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Treatment over but feeling low again

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Faithlessho Thu 30-Apr-15 09:44:42

I'm not sure why but have spent the last hour just staring at the ceiling sad. I've been doing so well lately. Been going to the gym, doing mindful exercises, I just feel incredibly sad and low.

I think it's a culmination of lots of things (family issues, not working due to poor mental health) that my mind has tried to bury or deal with but obviously not in the right way.

I don't really have any support from anyone, driven away my friends (who were not true friends anyway, I gave lots of advice when they've had issues but I don't feel comfortable discussing mine) I was receiving counselling but I completed a few weeks back as thought I felt better!

I'm not sure why I've come on here, well perhaps it's to ask for some comforting words as I'm feeling incredibly lonely and isolated.

I just can't see a solution, all feels bleak and dark. I'm feeling incredibly sorry for myself and guilty when there are other people far worse than me in the world.

Queenofknickers Thu 30-Apr-15 09:54:08

Faith it sounds like you have been doing an amazing job in recovering. I know that I always forget that occasional bad days can come along during recovery - the trick is to see them as just that, a bad day during an upward road. Can you spend the day being kind to yourself, whatever that would look like for you? A massive hug to you thanks

Faithlessho Thu 30-Apr-15 10:26:33

Thank you so much for your support Queen.

I've been being kind to myself and my journey has been going kind of well but recently there's been a few episodes this last week which I can't disclose on here that have tested me emotionally. I'm feeling lonely and fragile and it's awful that, although I'm grateful to support on here (thank god), I have no one in the RL who I can talk to, think that is what is upsetting me, the loneliness.

I think I need to write off today currently I can only see bleakness. I'm aware my journey is up and down but when the downs happen I am thinking why me?? I hate this.

Queenofknickers Fri 01-May-15 09:29:59

Hi Faith, just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing?

Faithlessho Tue 05-May-15 14:10:52

Thanks for getting in touch Queen, I'm feeling low today, not had a good day at all.

Another day written off sad

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