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Separated from Husband, he genuinely attempted suicide, how can I help?

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everonwardsagain Wed 25-Mar-15 22:43:12

Does anybody please know where I can get advice on how to get through this and most importantly what my role should be? My husband and I separated over Christmas but he only just moved out. Marriage problems mainly caused by his ongoing mental health (which I now see) which just destroyed us over time. I do love him but I couldn't stand back and watch the damage he was causing to our children, even tho I know at heart he's a good person. It was a genuine attempt. Past week has been horrendous. He needs me and I have such a strong urge to be there in whatever way to keep him alive. But I can't take him back, he needs to get well and I need to protect our children. I have printed some leaflets from MIND and got a number for Sane Line. His crisis team are only really just getting to grips with him. Where can I turn? Thanks for any advice x

Mumblepot26 Wed 25-Mar-15 23:39:21

So sorry to hear this...I have no words of wisdom, but am sure someone who does will be along soon.

HellKitty Thu 26-Mar-15 00:39:04

I'm guessing you chose to separate? Be careful that any caring you do is not seen as love or a way in - for him. This must be so tricky. You may end up being an unofficial counsellor which could make him love you more and do the opposite for you. I have no good advice really but to tread carefully for your sake, if you've done the ground work for him then he should have the tools. Maybe a morning/evening text to check in? But look after yourself too.

everonwardsagain Tue 07-Apr-15 20:32:08

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. It's still hard, taking it day by day, that's all I can do

everonwardsagain Sat 11-Jul-15 18:28:48

Just checking in to see if anyone else may know of anywhere I can turn to with this for help? I am at the end of my tether. We are still separated and I don't want him back, despite a lot of feelings of guilt as I took my marriage vows in sickness and in health. However, I'm not convinced all of our marriage problems were due to his depression, he however has completely convinced himself that it was all down to this. I have found lots or organisations who will listen to me but I feel that I need some advice! I just do not know what to do, he has no decent family support, his best friend and I are doing it between us but I have children to prioritise and he just is not getting any better. I am holding down a stressful job to keep a roof over my children's heads and keep their hobbies going for normality. I feel so on the edge. He is acting so irrationally but because he is not classed as an immediate risk anymore the support I can access from the NHS is very limited. He is leaning on me so heavily and I just cannot take much more.
Any advice so gratefully received, thank you x

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