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SPRINGTIME in the VILLAGE (Support for all Mental Health Issues)

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NanaNina Sun 22-Mar-15 02:18:21

Thought I'd start a new thread what with it being the Spring Equinox and all that..........and there's another reason. I'm hoping to re-connect with people who used to be frequent village visitors, but like me, seem to have fallen by the wayside. Of course everyone is welcome in the Village, so I hope more recent visitors understand my post and will not feel de-valued in any way. The stigma of mental illness is alive and well I reckon so we all need all the support we can get.


Vicar (she started the Village thread some years ago and occasionally pops in) Edwinia'sRevenge SnowyMouse (where ARE you?) SilveryPussyCat CIQ (I know you were having a tough time) Lem (once a very regular visitor) Hoochymama Pyrrghena collardove Victrix Pulled Creamhearts (previously FDG) MentalPsychiatrist KeemaNaanAndCurryOn (miss you and your wit)
FaithLoveandGrace MySpideySenseTickles

Would love to hear how you're all doing. I'm much the same, up and down, mostly down this month.

I've probably forgotten lots of people, but that's all I can bring to mind just now.

Severeanxietypleasehelp Sun 22-Mar-15 03:00:17

I am in. Newbie but struggling

NanaNina Sun 22-Mar-15 11:53:48

Same here severeanxiety - do you want to say a bit more?

GooodMythicalMorning Sun 22-Mar-15 12:44:46

Day 7 on citalopram but taking 20mg instead of 10. I do feel calmer but also still ill. Didnt want to go out with dh into town though in case I got really shakey though. Im hoping this helps my anxiety as I hate the fact I cant even do the school run at the moment

Northumberlandlass Sun 22-Mar-15 14:03:08

Found the Springtime Village!
Just dropping in.
Back at GP in morning to reassess meds. I've been on 20mg citalopram for a month & definitely feeling much calmer, but my thoughts are quite negative. Waiting for first CBT appointment.

Thinking of you all x

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Sun 22-Mar-15 14:09:17

Signing in smile

I've been all over the place. Long story and at some point I'll go into it.

Let's see the sunny sprin weather and look brightly into spring grin

Loveisashadow Sun 22-Mar-15 14:56:19

Hello Nana and all. Home treatment have been out today, they think my increased dose of anti psychotic is working. I've avoided having to go into hospital now as they think I'm sounding more positive. Post suicide attempt is a weird place to be. I'm just doing normal stuff, am waiting for shopping delivery then might go for a walk once I've sorted everything out. Feeling very low and tearful. Dd is with friends.

NanaNina Sun 22-Mar-15 15:38:14

WooHoo Keema SO pleased to see you. I'll PM you....

GooodMythicalMorning Sun 22-Mar-15 19:38:18

Feeling quite good this eve, gives me hope the tabs are actually doing something. Though I havent actually left the house since thurs..

Loveisashadow Sun 22-Mar-15 19:59:15

Glad the tablets are helping mythical. Could you set yourself a little task, going to the shops or something like that? Small steps might help...
I feel really rough, like a bad hangover or a come down....meeting a friend for coffee tommorow afternoon, think home treatment are sending a Dr in the morning, though I'm not entirely sure yet. Need to phone them. I'm feeling very alone.

creamhearts Sun 22-Mar-15 20:13:28

Hello everyone. Bad night tonight.

Hope you are all ok xx

Loveisashadow Sun 22-Mar-15 20:30:26

(Cream) how are things in general in hospital?

susiedaisy Sun 22-Mar-15 20:32:30

Just joining bit of a lurker on the MH threads, I'm on 150 mg sertraline and beta blockers.

WanderingTrolley1 Sun 22-Mar-15 20:46:43

I joined the previous thread.

I'm just completing my 4th week of 100mg of Sertraline and the last few days have been awful.

DP has been away on business and I've got progressively worse. Heightened anxiety and in a panic. Struggling to deal with anything - let alone the kids!

Feel like this misery will never end sad

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Mon 23-Mar-15 09:10:59

Anxiety is an absolute bitch. Makes the easiest thing hard then berates you for not doing it better. Sometimes SSRIs can make anxiety worse, wandering. If this doesn't get any better it may be worthwhile talking to your GPD either about getting a short course of diazepam to see you through until the side effects have calmed down, or look to a different ssri.

Sertraline made me horribly anxious. Fluoxetine didn't. It's about finding the right drug for you.

I'll be back later. I need to throw things around the house in a more ordered fashion before my mother lands grin.

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 23-Mar-15 09:29:37

Managed school and back with dh but didnt feel great. Legs turned to jelly on the way back

Loveisashadow Mon 23-Mar-15 12:27:32

Well done mythical, that must have been really hard.
Feeling really numb today, just...not here. A bit disassociated perhaps.
Am out-have come out to lunch, a look aroubd the shops and meeting my friend in an hour or so. Anything to stop me being in the house, thinking too much.

Becca19962014 Mon 23-Mar-15 15:30:14

Can I join? I've been lurking a lot on the other threads that you've had.

I had a cmht appointment today with a Dr and was told if I'm to be allowed another appointment I must be talking positive things only as I kept 'making excuses for not doing stuff'. The problem is I'm also chronically physically disabled (both hips and knees need replacing and have multiple joints including hands in splints) and the doctor kept saying things like 'go for a long walk in the sunshine/jog/swim/eat organic fruit and veg' - which I cannot physically do sad

I left feeling a burden and in the way. I needed someone to listen to what I was going through (the Dr refused and just wanted to fire specific questions at me only) and the bit about 'positives only' was really hurtful as I struggle to find anything positive in life at the moment at all and am hiding my depression from everyone.

I went to a&e just over a week ago and was told to see my gp for a referral for crisis support, gp rang and was told I was being seen today so should wait - person today said as I had waited I wasn't in a genuine crisis and I had wasted a&es time - Im never going to a&e again now. It took hours to go as I was so afraid of being called a time waster sad

Anyone got any advice or thoughts? Hope I'm not hijacking the thread by asking here, I'm too blush to make my own thread, I'm sorry if it's not acceptable.

Becca19962014 Mon 23-Mar-15 15:31:47

Damn meant to preview that before posting (usually results in me not posting!). That's very long. If it's a problem then I can always ask MN to delete it. Sorry.

Northumberlandlass Mon 23-Mar-15 16:35:05

Hi Becca & welcome smile I haven't been here long myself & have only started acknowledging that i do suffer from depression & anxiety, so not sure how much help I can offer!

However, your appointment doesn't sound like it helped at all. Is there any way you can see someone else? Are you on meds?

I went back to my GP this morning, the end of my first month on Citalopram & she is pleased I am calmer, she said visibly so! I'm waiting for counselling/CBT- GP gave me a repeat prescription today& told me to go back in 3 months.

Becca - is there anything you'd like to talk about? I am sorry you are suffering x

wfrances Mon 23-Mar-15 16:56:23

hi becca,
how helpful is your gp?
if hes approachable you could go back and tell him whats been said and what does he suggest is the next step.

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 23-Mar-15 17:21:45

Thanks Loveis

Well done North, that gives me hope I might feel better.

Loveisashadow Mon 23-Mar-15 17:42:32

Hi Becca, I second the GP option. If you aren't on meds already, that might be a good place to start too. Understand the disability aspect, I have fibromayalgia and I empathise with how hard it can be.

That's great North. Well done. I've heard good things about CBT from friends who have depression and bipolar, they say it's really helped.

I am really struggling just now..feeling quite physcially unwell and very low in general. Home treatment again tommorow, hoping a Dr can sort out my meds as they are a bit all over the place. Missing my dd a lot, friends still have her for a few days. Everything feels a bit weird. Keep thinking I shouldn't be here, still walking around, today.

Becca19962014 Mon 23-Mar-15 19:47:56

My GP is really understanding, but there is no other psychiatrist where I live. Unfortuantely I also have a neurological condition that means I cannot take psychiatric medications (ive tried loads and they worsened my neurological conditions) without being medically monitored which means being in hospital and I refuse to go into hospital (ive been in before and will never, ever, go in again) -it doesn't help that the mental health team refuse to accept my physical disabilities (I have been formally diagnosed and have medical proof but they refuse to accept it). I'm going to see my GP this week so I'll mention what happened today then.

Thankyou all for the warm welcome! And sorry again for the epic post!

HellinaHandbasket Mon 23-Mar-15 20:14:55

Hello villagers, this is mp with a new name. I'm having a lovely period of wellness which I'm trying not to screw up. Hope you're all as well as you can be.

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