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dizzydollie Sun 08-Feb-15 09:34:16


I'm sitting here typing away trying to hide my fear from my two lovely children.

I took my first citalopram 10mg this morning and I want to scream, I am so frightened and tearful and my tongue feels like I have licked a jellyfish.

I'm so frightened but I don't want to scare them. I can't tell my husband (he is nice but doesn't understand the crushing feel of anxiety) He will just tell me to put away my phone and stop thinking about it. He doesn't understand anxiety isn't a choice, its not something I switch on and off a smile.

I have a PIP assessment tomorrow and I thought this might calm me down. I am climbing the walls.

My mind is rambling, I'm scared of feeling scared, I'm scared that this is just going to get worse. I'm scared that I will feel numb when these actually kick in. What if I'm like those people I've read about who start to self harm or can't feel joy.

Do I stop taking these straight away and just get herbal tablets??

TwosaCrowd Sun 08-Feb-15 20:55:43

Citalopram takes at least 2 weeks to work, so one tablet won't do anything, and 10mg is a very, very low dose.

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