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anxiety im weird

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lazyminimoo Thu 05-Feb-15 14:19:56

i have anxiety but its not bad like some ppl where it makes them throw up an have panic attacks mines more i think too much and worry what ppl think an think they judge me ,

my 2 yr old is in nursery just started he has very little sppech an is behind and im worrying the nursery nurse are thinking its my fault as maybe it is we dont read books for very long and i cant think of things to say to him all the time so it is not that much talking going on , im feeling anxious an embarrassed now as she said they are using makaton with him at nursery and she will give me some sheets with the signs on so i can use it at home with him to teach him. just feeling pressure to get him speaking and feel like im gonna be judged if he dosent progress quickly , i wish i didnt care what anyone may think of what i do or dont do with my son

Plus im having a bit of a hard time with him anyway this is weird as i feel sort of awkward around him..... i feel awkward playing with him,,, if he is doing an action like pretending to feed his dino then im liking that he is happy but im feeling anxious as how long can he do it before he gets bored and maybe he will feel bored ,,, im feeling anxious around him as i dont like the thought of him feeling anxious or becoming bored with his baby play,,,,,,,,,this is weird as i feel like how can he enjoy his baby play????

i wonder what is he thinking? do 2 year olds really find such simple actions an play so enjoyable ? i know its weird to ask but i have weird worries i feel sometimes like how can he enjoy these simple baby toys an actions??? his brain is young still i guess but i cant believe he isnt interlligent as me surely he must get bored an have worried anxieties too sigh i know not making much sense now but i have worries feel so awkward when he is playing im thinking what is he thinking all the time

Snog Sun 08-Feb-15 09:27:09

There is a great book called Playful Parenting by L J Cohen which is easy reading and explains why children play in the way they do and how to play with them in a way that brings you closer and helps them to develop

Thisishowyoudisappear Sun 08-Feb-15 11:33:47

You sound like a very caring and thoughtful mum. I don't have much else to suggest but could you just chat to your DS as you potter about with him? I don't think he will be bored! Also makaton sounds like fun, my cousin did it with his little girl and she seemed to love it.

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