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Anxiety worsens after drinking

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Sparklepup Mon 02-Feb-15 16:23:27

Hi, I've been suffering anxiety on and off throughout my life. In the last few years it's got quite bad, had cbt which improved things. No meds - don't like taking them and wanted to recover on my own.

It's moderate at the moment - and helped by yoga, meditation, eating and sleeping properly - but - if I go out drinking it is horrendous, and leaves me on the verge of a panic attack for 2-3 days.

I don't drink during the week, have a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday (no anxiety after that) and probably go out once or twice a month. I drink the same amount or less as my friends, but suffer memory loss. I don't end up in risky situations - one night stands etc, tend to just end up home with a kebab. The worst thing I do when out is ridiculous dancing, the odd snog etc - And am always reassured by my friends that I haven't done anything wrong - but the anxiety reduces me to tears sometimes and I can't leave the house.

I'm aware this isn't normal - and have cut down on the nights out, and drove to many to avoid drinking. I don't want to go teetotal but seem unable to find a balance. I'm starting to dread nights out - which is a shame as I'm quite a sociable person but feel I'm cutting myself off. Is my only option to stop drinking ? Or is this part of the anxiety ? Does this happen to anyone else and if so how have you dealt with it ?

INickedAName Mon 02-Feb-15 17:12:17

Alcohol makes anxiety and depression worse. I don't know if there are any medical facts to back it up but it's something I've read an awful lot when reading up on anxiety. I used to have a few drinks at home on a Friday, not shit faced but merry, and it got to a point where I wanted to spend Saturdays in tears with feelings of guilt, having known the only shameful I did the night before was watch Shit TV with dh. I got to where I wasn't enjoying a few glasses of wine for I knew the guilt would be ten times worse that any merriment.

I sort of cut down over time then don't drink anything now, I won't say I'm tee total, I will have the occasional glass but limit myself to three maximum, and to be truthful one is enough, I never want to carry on or want more as now the nice fuzzy feeling I used to get after three comes after one.

I won't say my anxiety is better but I'm not spending Saturdays with worse anxiety if that makes sense. I realise now how much I didn't actually like alcohol anyway, I don't miss it, which I thought I would and I've prob saved a fortune over the last two years.

You could still go out, if you find not drinking difficult you can try alternating between alcohol and then soft drink? But I'd say if it makes you feel bad the next day to the extent I think it might then is it really worth it? You can be sociable and have friends and go out without drinking. If friends say your boring (I've had that) then maybe they are not as good friends as they seem.

Sparklepup Mon 02-Feb-15 20:51:41

Hi, thank you for your reply, yes that makes sense. I've thought about alternating the drinks - but always get carried away when I'm out so not sure this would work for me. I think it's probably better to cut out altogether, at least for a while to see if makes a difference.

I've got a good set of friends thankfully and gave up the party crowd a long time ago - but think my wingman will be a bit disappointed to lose her cocktail drinking partner in crime �� still at least I'll be able to drive us home.

Thanks again, I'll give it a go x

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