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I have Borderline Personality Disorder..can I manage being a manager?

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DippyDooDahDay Fri 30-Jan-15 09:52:19

I was diagnosed approx 18 months ago and had some 1:1 with a psychiatrist who then retired. We identified my emotional immaturity/ vulnerability. I have highs and lows that can change more than daily. I manage these internally and I am consistent in my, fairly new role, as a manager in a team that I was a worker in before promotion. Where I struggle is that some of the staff have decided that I am the bad cop, where my manager is good cop. So there is an atmosphere when I am there with some team members. I have tried different approaches and some days I just think oh well, it's up to them, but other days I really don't seem to be able to stop it upsetting me, privately. I can feel myself slipping back into depression and my self-esteem is shot. My manager is not interested, he just wants me to be the tower of strength and make him look good. Home life is stressful as single mum to 2 dc. No BPD services for me in this area. Am paying for counselling.
I am just wondering if other people on here with BPD have managed to adjust to stressful jobs?

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