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sertraline and pregnancy

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alpo29 Wed 28-Jan-15 09:41:01

Hi just wondering if anyone can help
I started taking sertraline about 6 months ago. Im now 9.5 weeks pregnant.
When I found out I was pregnant I tried to come off them and I got it down to 25mg everythird day (was originally on 50mg daily). But on the third day I found toward the end of the day i was feeling very dizzy and had difficulty concentrating so I increased the dose to 25mg every other day when I was about 6 weeks.
This is our second baby and we definitely wanted it but since I found out I was pregnant I have felt really low in mood and terrified how I will cope with two. Some days I feel so low I just want to stay in bed all day but cant cos I have to look after my son. But other days im not too bad. Im wondering if the instability is caused by the sertraline.
I don't want to be on ad's while im pregnant but Im wondering whether I should increase my dose to 25mg daily or whether its going to be dangerous to baby to keep messing with dose? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to feel normal again x

temporaryusername Thu 29-Jan-15 01:02:17

I really think you need to speak to a doctor about this. I'm not sure whether taking at longer intervals than 24 hours wouldn't do more harm than good. I really don't know, but this is something you need qualified medical advice about, from someone with access to your notes.

You shouldn't be increasing or changing your dose really, a person qualified to prescribe should do that. Please make an appointment, and I'm sure they can help you sort something more stabilising out. Good luck and try not to worry, I expect the drug changes are contributing to your feelings. You could ask about a referral for mental health help while you are there too.

bigcar05 Fri 30-Jan-15 03:08:46

I took sertraline 200mg throughout my pregnancy Dr actually increased my dose from 150mg to 200mg when pregnant and since the increase have felt I really can cope and enjoy my wonderful little boy who is very healthy. So much better for you to be feeling good.

Because of the high dose I am on he was a bit shakey when he was born which they say could have been withdrawals but didn't go to special baby care as when he was with me skin to skin or feeding the shaking stopped. As I feel well have the most amazing bond with him and he is healthy in every way and I'm still breastfeeding and happy even though I'm awake at silly o clock settling him!

Pandora37 Fri 30-Jan-15 16:49:38

The instability is probably because you've reduced your dose. 25mg is very low, even 50mg is unlikely to work for a lot of people. You're best off seeing your GP and letting them know you're pregnant but it is generally considered better for women to stay on ADs whilst pregnant if they have a long history of depression or are likely to relapse which it sounds as though you are. Your baby will have observations for at least 12 hours after the birth to check for withdrawal effects but I've never known it to be a problem. Have a chat with your GP and see what they think. smile

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