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Coming off Sertraline

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Romas Sun 25-Jan-15 19:25:02

I'm on 200mg of sertraline and want to stop taking it. I've come off 100mg of it in the past cold turkey with about 2 weeks of feeling light-headed. I know I should taper it off, so would it be okay to cut down to 150mg for a couple of weeks and then 100mg etc?


mrsfuzzy Mon 26-Jan-15 00:40:06

having been on various anti depressants before bi polar was diagnosed, i can understand what you are going through with the side effects DON@T go cold turkey please you'll feel like shit, i actually suffered a psychotic episode doing this, reduce 50mg every two weeks then the last 50mg every other day until you finish them, this worked for me on advice of my g.p, as a result, no side effects. hope this helps and good luck romas

Pandora37 Mon 26-Jan-15 13:17:56

You're better off asking your GP, they're better placed to suggest a suitable withdrawal period as they know your medical history, how long you've been on it etc.

mrsfuzzy Mon 26-Jan-15 13:27:33

yes that is very true pandora, but i'm just suggesting to op this what generally happens , sorry if i wasn't clear on it g.p must always be the first port of call, i tried doing it on my own stopping straight away and the results weren't good.

Romas Mon 26-Jan-15 18:39:28

Thanks for the suggestions. GP is no help, says there is nothing else he can do for me and to just stop taking the tablets if I want to stop.

cabbageandgravy Mon 26-Jan-15 21:14:25

I was only on 50mg but having read about cold turkry, & read a book (taking antidepressants') I cut down very slowly, allowing a few weeks at each stage to make sure the issue (mainly anxiety in myvcase didn't recur ie I really didn't need them any more. Really took my time (months) as what did I have to lose really?, Just went on collecting the repeat scrips till I was sure I was safely off.

mrsfuzzy Tue 27-Jan-15 14:48:15

romas, sorry but your g.p sounds a bit of a dead loss tbh, could you speak to another at the surgery ? perhaps a pharmacist or just cut down as i suggest, please don't go cold turkey, let us know how you get on. good luck.

Romas Tue 27-Jan-15 22:35:42

I'm not going to come off cold turkey, I felt light-headed coming off 100 mg like that. I'm going to start tapering off when I'm on holiday from work in a couple of weeks, hopefully I'll be able to sleep the worst of it away.


mrsfuzzy Tue 27-Jan-15 23:45:10

well done, you are going to be fine, take care.

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