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setraline advice needed.

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nowayjose1 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:40:05

Hi, I recently went to the drs about anxiety issues. I wouldn't say it was severe, just problems getting to sleep, racing thoughts, episodes of bulimia (had it since i was 12)

Anyway, he has put me on 50g sertraline and ever since I've taken it I feel like I've got ten times worse! My anxiety is through the roof, I had a massive panic attack on day 4 and its been since then that I've just been constantly terrified of having another one. I do think I'm overthinking it a lot but as soon as I wake up I just think " do I feel anxious, am I going mad, will I have another panic attack?"

I have read that it's normal to feel like this for a couple of weeks but just need someone to back that theory up!! I feel like stopping them as felt a lot more same before! I'm on day 9 at the moment.

Also the tiredness is incredible, I just want to sleep for England!!

Any advice or reassurance? :-( thank you x

Specificity Sun 25-Jan-15 09:43:50

Hiya. This is quite normal, I know it is crap but really do try and persevere as it gets horribly worse before it gets better.

I was on sertraline for a few years before switiching and I remember this well. I was comotose the first few weeks, had a weird jaw tick and was crying but after the initial crapness it really helped.

nowayjose1 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:48:19

Thank you, that's reassuring to hear. I have been so anxious and had to get the tube to west London to watch a show yesterday I was fine until halfway through my heart started pumping and I thought oh no here we go. Dr has given me diazepam for any panic attacks which I'm reluctant to use but had one when I felt the panic coming on and it was fine phew.

Specificity Sun 25-Jan-15 09:52:36

Yes, I was giliven something for racing heart too which seemed to be a side effect of the anxiety tablets which seems a little backwards!

But honestly, once everything settles you should feel more level l. Just don't forget to take them as that can make things fluctuate.

nowayjose1 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:52:57

Also if anyone know how I edit this title from my phone? My spelling mistake is annoying me!!smile

nowayjose1 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:54:41

That's great, Thank you so much for the advice. My husband doesn't really understand anxiety etc! So I expect he is wondering what the hell is wrong with me at the moment!

Kittykat7 Sun 25-Jan-15 11:05:39

Try taking 1/2 a tablet. My psychiatrist always starts me on 1/2 a dose for 2 weeks of any new tablet. It will lessen the side effects. There is a score in the middle of the tablet & you can cut them in half. I have been on this tablet for 20 years & it is the best one for the least side effects. It's always easy to wean off too without withdrawal side effects of done slowly.

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