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Dealing with physical anxiety symptoms - my head is okish but my body betrays me

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rumbelina Wed 21-Jan-15 13:59:13

I sometimes get very strong physical anxiety symptoms - fast heartbeat, feeling nervous in my stomach, can't concentrate, a bit manic in conversation. I wake early and find it difficult to sleep again.

It's like it's separate from my head so even if I've talked myself round on the thing that's worrying me, I can't get rid of the physical symptoms easily. It's either quite strong and acute or will last a couple of weeks but more mildly. I do stop drinking caffeine, and have cut down generally (one cup every other day or thereabouts).

I am on beta blockers for tremor but had panic attacks before i went on them (years ago) and probably haven't had any more because I'm on BBs. God knows what I'd be like otherwise.

It really annoys me because it stops me working properly, thinking properly, I get arsey and I'm totally jittery. I sometimes feel like I'm going to throw up.

Not sure why I'm posting really, just to get it off my chest and because I'm flitting around (due to the anxiety). Why can't my body do what my head tells it to??

ComeClose Thu 22-Jan-15 10:23:29

Hi rumbelina.

I have similar issues. I get a tight, churning feeling in my stomach, feel nauseous, get ever so jittery and flush really badly. Its pretty awful. It definitely feels like my body controls my mind at times and not the other way around.

Cutting caffeine has helped a bit (particularly with the flushing). I'm also having some success with leading a highly regulated life. Regular sleep times, plenty of exercise, good food, lots of water, little alcohol - the usual!

I am trying Mindfulness CDs at the moment. Jury's out on whether they will help, as still early days.

I also have psychotherapy and have also started exploring my anxiety with my therapist. Early days, but its obviously a deeply rooted response to stress that is going to take time to learn to manage.

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