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pinksparklynails Fri 16-Jan-15 12:44:13

hi everyone.. i thought id write a post as I'm battling with a long hard struggle with servere health anxiety, as are many people on here, so here's my story .........
it got so bad that I rang an ambulance because I had a headache... before taking any paracetamol or anything. it was making me so so depressed and I even left my partner because i worried I was annoying him, because every night I was having panic attacks (episodes) lasting upto 5 hours.... I removed my Facebook because even seeing the word CANCER sent me into a panic attack.. I was contemplating suicide because of my fears of cancer or anything terminal and leaving my son behind (ironic and hypocritical I know)

I eventually went to the doctor about it in december 2014 and now I and nearly 2 months into sertraline 50mg and on the waiting list for a psychotherapist with IAPT and my symptoms have got so so mic better. so good in fact I haven't had a single panic attack since NYE.... in 2 months I've got my life back, ive manage to get things sorted with my partner and we are better than ever. I'm so glad iv started sertraline and seen someone about my Anxiety's otherwise i dont think id be here today. I'm here for anyone going through the same thing, it horrible and would hate to see anyone trying to go through it alone
like I did....
any questions feel free to ask or message me
hugs and kisses to everyone xxxxxxx

lemisscared Fri 16-Jan-15 12:47:44

This is a nice post to read. I suffer from anxiety and health anxiety is a big part of it - i totally understand the being suicidal over dying!

I am just changing meds, but have heard good things about sertraline so if my new meds don't work i shall be asking for them.

How did you manage to get on a psych waiting list, the most i have had is counselling and tbh i feel like i need someone who knows how brains work!

pinksparklynails Fri 16-Jan-15 14:02:50

my doctor referred me to a service called IAPT, though you can self refer! its an NHS service. I had my CBT appt before Christmas and now on the list the said I could be waiting a good couple of months. if you Google IAPT you'll get more info on the services they offer xxxx

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