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please just talk to me.

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Walkingmistake Thu 15-Jan-15 03:59:28

I have bipolar 1 during a manic episode (not sure if it's finished but atm I feel more in control) I left my husband.

I left him for a man who went to prison for five years for gbh, takes drugs and has schizophrenia. I have started using drugs while manic. The man I left my husband for has quit his meds as they are causing him to sometimes have problems with erectile dysfunction and he is upset about it, says it's not fair he can't satisfy me. I have tried reassuring him that I really don't mind and would much prefer he take his meds, but he wont. He has promised if he starts to get unwell he will take them.

I feel so confused right now, I am starting to feel the love for my husband again and feel guilty for what I've put him through. But I feel so drawn to this other guy I find it hard to be away from him, it's like I need him so much.

But I'm worried now about what I've done. Worried in case I made the wrong choice because I'm unwell. Worried that im throwing my life away.

Is anyone there who can talk please?

Bubba19alicia Fri 16-Jan-15 11:02:31

Hiya walkingmistake. I suffer with type 2 bipolar, and although differen to type 1, I find that whilst manic I make reckless decisions based of infatuations a lot of the time. Why why was it you left you husband Hun? You can private message me if you need to talk- I know what it's like to feel alone. This man sounds like he is putting you at risk

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