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emetophobes.... bit of hand holding/a bit of a breakthrough.....

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quellerosiel Sun 11-Jan-15 02:07:12

Ok so we've been out this evening, DH has been mixing his drinks (cider, then a beer then two whiskys) and has just been up chucking. I'm like 99.9999% sure its just the booze, he was really quite pissed. There is that tiny bit of me thinking "oh my god what if its a bug" but I'm as certain as I can be that its not.

HOWEVER... I did manage to rub his back, fetch his dressing gown so he wouldnt get cold and get him a glass of water all without completely freaking out! I'm shaking so hard right now I can hardly type this but I'm reasonably calm on the inside amazingly!! Small victories I suppose!

MrsCakesPrecognition Sun 11-Jan-15 02:08:29

Well done, sounds like you coped brilliantly. How did you manage to stay calm?

quellerosiel Sun 11-Jan-15 02:13:11

I wish I knew! I think because its more than likely just the fact that he's pissed I know its not going to harm me if that makes sense? I did have to do some deep breathing to make sure I stayed calm whilst fetching water etc. I just started hypnotherapy for my emetophobia this week so maybe its kicking in faster thab expected! Still shaking but internally I'm mostly ok. Don't think I will be getting much sleep tbh but hey ho. Thanks for the kind words :-)

MrsCakesPrecognition Sun 11-Jan-15 02:16:18

Well it sounds like a huge victory to me flowers

quellerosiel Sun 11-Jan-15 02:28:08

Ok bit of a wobble, he started again and I've retreated downstairs lol. He did ask me to leave him to it to be fair. Oh gosh I wish I could sit of the floor and chat to him to take his mind off of it.... we don't have kids yet and things like this make me really worry about I will deal with ill children :-(

Adarajames Sun 11-Jan-15 02:38:29

Give yourself credit for how well youvd already done tonight! I'd've been straight out the door whilst wearing ear plugs!! One day I hope to afford hypnotherapy for it too

quellerosiel Sun 11-Jan-15 03:38:31

Ok scratch the bit of the title where it says about a breakthrough. I've taken myself off to sleep downstairs. As soon as I walked back into our bedroom my heart was racing and I could feel the panic building. I just couldn't stay. I feel so selfish! Poor dh all on his own. Ive stupidly been googling too and all the medical advice is going on about how much you shouldnt leave them.... to be fair he did take himself to the loo both times he was sick and was responsive in between so he's not completely blind drunk. I feel like a terrible wife :-(

tobysmum77 Sun 11-Jan-15 20:55:02

ill children - in truth my dh deals with sick. And I have a routine to deal with it, lots of spray bleach, boil washing, hand washing, only eating hot food, bagging stuff up..... the list goes on but it gives me at least some control blush

Endler32 Sun 11-Jan-15 21:00:05

Well done OP, if it was me I would have gone out and left him to it sad.

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