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Transitioning from Fluoxetine to Sertraline--time off work?

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Dreadedsunnyday Sat 10-Jan-15 08:13:51

i posted a few weeks back about the anxiety I was getting in the first few weeks of Fluox. I'm at week 6 now and although there is less anxiety I have had two big meltdowns at work and need to decide what to do. Work itself is a source of stress and exacerbated the whole situation: I've been doing another person's job as well as mine, full time. Came back first day after Xmas, world caved in.
Work have been very supportive, they have given me a work laptop for home and reduced hours if I need. Second job has been lifted off me.
I had on site counselling yesterday and the idea was floated that I go to my GP and ask to switch to Sertraline and to be signed off for the whole transition period so work is not part of the equation at all. It seems drastic but have to say I like the idea. Fluoxetine has done some very good things for me and I'm reluctant to let them go but I gather that Sertraline might suit me better.
Any thoughts about this? I've been reading some scary things about Sertraline on here today!
Thanks for any help smile

ClosedAuraOpenMind Sat 10-Jan-15 20:41:09

hi there
it took me about 10/12weeks to get stable and sorted on fluoxetine. if you think it's doing some good things maybe try to stick with it for a bit longer?
hope you feel better soon

Dreadedsunnyday Sat 10-Jan-15 23:08:09

Hi closed, thanks for this. It's doing good things but now I have anxiety that I didn't have before...ideally I'd like the good effects without the anxiety and am hoping Sertraline might give me that. It's so hard to the weekends I usually have at least one day, I felt good today but maybe that's the sheer relief of thinking I might not have to deal with the whole work shizzle. It's like a weight off my shoulders. I don't want to feel too good though...then it's a bit weird, like there's a bright lightbulb inside my head I can't switch off.

Whattodo222 Mon 12-Jan-15 11:09:44

I've switched meds a couple of times, though not to setraline. First time was from fairly easy and non dramatic, the second switch was more difficult, mood and anxiety pretty much went out of control. I was at work both times but if I was doing it again I'd probably still go to work but arrange to have the option to stay off if things went bad again.
The advantages of being at work, even if you're just there in person and not in mind are at least you have people around you and something to occupy your mind. Warn them that your productivity may be limited though, I was basically left to do some work if I wanted to or disappear for a walk if I felt like it which I think was a much better option than sitting at home over thinking everything all day

Dreadedsunnyday Tue 13-Jan-15 13:14:40

Thanks What, makes a lot of sense. Being at home on a good day feels great but on a less good day is a bit isolating and depressing. I've got 2 weeks sick leave now and am trying to find something to do every day, exercise class or similar.

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