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on escitalopram and just discovered I'm pregnant - advice needed!

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ovumahead Wed 07-Jan-15 16:36:02

Hi everyone
Just today I discovered that I'm pregnant, about 4 weeks according to my period tracker. Its unexpected as we've been trying for 5 years and had kind of given up. We are delighted and in complete shock! I'm taking escitalopram 10mg for anxiety and low mood which has improved so so much since it kicked in .I've only been taking it for around 3 months. I spoke to a doctor today and he said "if you don't need to be taking it, you should stop". I am going to stop, but I'm worried about the impact this is going to have on me, and also how quickly or slowly to do this. Also - of course I think I need to be taking it,otherwise why the f would I be taking it????!! Grr. Anyway. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience of this? Many thanks smile

SilverStars Wed 07-Jan-15 19:07:57

If it is low dose should be easier to stop - if high dose they usually suggest reducing. If you struggle without it there are other medications seen as safer in pregnancy - if gp not happy prescribing they can either discuss with a peri natal psychiatrist on your behalf or refer you to specialist services for medication. Worth letting you midwife know at booking in apt too - as they may have useful advice/support.

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