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Anxiety will this ever stop

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Dontknowwhattothinknow Thu 01-Jan-15 22:53:08

Hi first time posting here, I don't even know where to begin Or what answers I'm looking for, I feel so overwhelmed and I can't think straight, Ive been suffering from anxiety for a while now and I'm not coping it's taking over my thoughts. I worry about everything from what people think of me, if people are talking about me, what impression I give off, if I've said something the wrong way to offend someone, they might have a go at me, I feel like I can't trust anyone friend wise even tho I have close friends I'm worried they will tell others my secrets as I've seen them do this, I have my husband but he just doesn't get it, he try's but he just says u'll b ok it's fine or makes a joke tryin to make me laugh. I end up just not saying anything. I worry about my health my kids health and my husbands, If my dh is not feeling good or has something wrong I think the worst ie cancer/ going to die then i Beat myself up as I think if I think bad thoughts then bad things will happen. I'm scared to go to the doctor as I worried what they will think or they will think I'm a bad mother. I worry that when I'm not worrying that I've forgotten about something that I should be worrying about,
I just need to learn how the control it how to reason with myself it's just so hard when I'm in the momment, once I move on to worrying about something else I think the current worry is so much worse and why was I ever worrying about the last thing.
Thank you for reading I don't know what I'm looking for people to say but i just need to vent somewhere

Kaneda Fri 02-Jan-15 00:20:32

Writing the crazy sh*t down always helps me, sort of like a containment facility for nuclear waste. Systematic venting may help you rationalise your thoughts. Just remember to password protect docs that you keep on your computer or phone. God knows what would happen if anyone saw what really goes on inside my brain when I'm in a loopy phase.

Give Mind a call, what you're feeling is exactly what they're for. An anonymous and objective starting point helps as it's hard to reason your way out from the inside.

Magpieblue Fri 02-Jan-15 10:02:50

So sorry to hear you're suffering. Go to your GP. They may suggest medication, or they may refer you for therapy.

I'm a long-term anxiety sufferer and I know what absolute hell it can be. I don't know if it will ever stop, but you can learn tools to cope with it. If you don't get referred, find a counsellor who specialises in CBT, or if money is an issue, there is lots online and in books about CBT. Try and get as much rest as you can, and look after yourself - good diet, exercise etc. For me, anxiety seems to creep back in when cracks start appearing in my life, like a bad night's sleep, or eating rubbish food. Write a self-care list - a list of things that you know make you feel better, or provide distraction (some of mine are extravagant like go for a massage, but most are free things and not that time-consuming like go for a walk, do a crossword, play happy music, watch cat videos on YouTube). I try to do at least one every day. I'm not saying these are enough to rid me of anxiety, more that when life is ticking along in a smoother way and I make the effort to do nice things for myself, anxiety (which I think of as a kind of evil goo that I have to keep at bay and sometimes seeps closer) is much less likely to take hold.

Good luck. It is horrendous, but there is help out there.

Dontknowwhattothinknow Fri 02-Jan-15 20:42:24

Thank you both for your replies I didn't know about mind thanks, I do find when I'm busy I can't obsess over my thoughts as much coz I don't have time to, it's just hard to shut off sometimes and the same things keep goin thro my head I'm feeling abit better today but I think that's coz I've been busy friends came round so I have to put on a brave face kinda of worked I suppose hmm

littleone88 Sat 03-Jan-15 18:49:25

Hi Dontknowwhattothinknow I have really bad anxiety my GP prescribled me pregabilin I cant believe the different it made me, after taking one dose I felt the effect straight away, had my dose increased was on 75mg now on 300mg, maybe ask your GP about it, I was told they dont like prescribing it as its expensive but lucky my GP is lovely I also take 40mg citalopram

SaintJulie Sat 03-Jan-15 19:57:24

I too have anxiety mine is around my son who is away at uni and has had an horrendous time i am crying as i write this
i have been to the doctors and am going to counseling. It was starting to work but then my son had something happen to him and i am back at square one. But it does work so give it a go

KateSpade Sat 10-Jan-15 20:02:44

I'm in exactly the same position, about work/being alone.

I've been reading a cbt work book & think I might have a go later, but it's hard to actually put reasons to things for me.

I went to the doctor on weds this week & he said he couldn't prescribe me anything for anxiety, the only thing mentioned though was Serteraline, as it interferes with my other tablets.

It's bloody awful & am really hating life ATM!

littleone88 Sun 11-Jan-15 20:01:33

Katespade was prescribed pregabilin for my anxiety it worked wonders for me i know GP dont like to prescribe as they say its quite expensive maybe ask them about, it worked pretty quick for me was started on 75mg once a day and now im on 150mg twice aday

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