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ADD / Asperges teenager

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Addasteen Thu 01-Jan-15 12:07:16

Hi I have a 13 year old son who has been diagnosed with ADD / Asperger's syndrome. I have had my son living with me for about 4 years after me and his mother divorced. About 2 1/2 years ago my partner moved in and we now have 11 month old twins. My son has up until recently been fairly well behaved. He started secondary school in 2013 and is in a mainstream secondary school. He was on tier 2 of CAMHS but they recently closed his file despite my protest to this. I have had to battle with the NHS and other agencies and meet with his school on numerous occasions. He has been stealing food from the home without asking, tries to hide the evidence of this which we always find, steals money from family members and lies to the point where you can't tell when he is actually telling the truth. He has in the past hidden food so that it can only be found when it starts to smell as it is hidden under a number of other things. He has a healthy appetite and enjoys a wide variety of different foods. We watch his sugar intake as we was advised to do so by the paediatrician.

We have tried reward charts, reward systems and also tried various types do discipline to deal with poor behaviour, lying and stealing. We have tried taking away things he likes to have i.e. the Xbox, DS, TV in his room, mobile phone etc. It feels like neither reward systems or discipline makes any difference. We have spoken to various people who have either directly been involved with children who have an ASC or medical professionals at different places. Everything that has been suggested has been tried yet nothing seems to work.

I have read a post on here from 2010 where it appears a similar scenario was posted but yet I didn't see anything we hadn't tried. We have had the police speak to him, teachers and SENCO talk to him but nothing changes.

I have him currently being assessed by a specialist hospital in London. He is also in the process of obtaining a One Plan / ECH Plan.

At present we get little or no help for him. We need advice and if possible places or people who could assist us. I had previously requested tier 3 CAMHS but this got dismissed. I have had to complain officially to get anywhere. I have spent so many hours/days/weeks etc. of my own time as well as keeping a full time job

Sorry this is a long post but I am just lost and don't know where to turn. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Trenzalore Thu 01-Jan-15 17:32:35

I really feel for you, Im in same situation only without specialist help. they just cant be fucked to help.

2 days ina row ive been beaten up byu my teen with same condition. police are great but they say taking him to a cell wont work as teen has a mental heatlth prob, not a criminal life.
and teens so used to then coming round teens indiffremnt to it now and just changes subject.

cahms have done fucka ll. ive had broken bones and things and socilal services NEVER look at the child and the problem/medical conditrion, they just judge the parent.

ive even spokedn to a local mp, and been to the papers about it.


sorry, I don't have advice for you, I just want you to know you're not alone with this problem.

FFS we didn't give our children their condition, so why doe WE always gets judged and criticised and made to feel failures.

(sorry about typos, im trying to type with sprained fingers+).

got teen calming dowen upsteirs in bedroom.

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