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What does depression feel like?

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SpanielFace Wed 31-Dec-14 21:27:46

Just that, really. I'm going to see the GP this week as I'm finding life very difficult at the moment. I'm permanently tired, and have lost all enthusiasm for things I would usually enjoy. Everything feels like a long, uphill struggle, I can't find anything to look forward to in the next year. I'm constantly in tears over stupid things. However, I have an underactive thyroid, and I'm hoping the way I'm feeling is because I need a higher dose of medication, rather than depression, as I'm sure that would be easier to put right! I've also been through some difficult experiences in the last year. I lost a baby at 21 weeks pregnant. Also, a family member is going through some major stress which I am worried about. So it's quite possible that its a normal reaction to life. But I just don't know. Can anyone tell me what it's like to be depressed?

Ilikesweetpeas Wed 31-Dec-14 21:31:05

For me, anxious about everything. Unable to relax and enjoy the moment yet able to put on a good show so only DH and sister knew how I felt. After 5 months of low dose antidepressants I feel human and myself again! So much happier with life generally. You sound like you've been through some tough times, I hope your appointment goes well. I didn't want to take medication but am so glad I took the plunge!

SpanielFace Wed 31-Dec-14 21:55:47

Thank you. I'm a bit the same. I can hide it well, only DH (and to a lesser extent my mum) really know how I'm feeling. At work, I'm pretty much ok so long as I'm busy, but I'm forgetful and making stupid errors, which is worrying me. sad I feel like my brain is slower than usual. I'm not overly anxious though. I'm glad your treatment is working well for you.

foreverdepressed Thu 01-Jan-15 15:49:24

Like the life has just been sucked out of you. Physically and mentally exhausted, meaning even the simplest of tasks feels like climbing a mountain.

No motivation to do things and even forcing yourself to do things you know you previously enjoyed will not result in enjoyment or pleasure.

Then there is anxiety: worry and guilt about mistakes in the past, worry about coping in the future. Everyday tasks become huge 'problems' that your mind will worry about.

Poor sleep (waking early or not getting off at all), Racing thoughts, Changes in libido, physical fatigue, aches and pains (often bad enough to require medications).

Other times you can just feel emotionally numb, like you don't care if you live or die. You wouldn't care if you won the lottery or if your best mate got hit by a bus.

So yeah, it feels crap.

FizzyBubbly Thu 01-Jan-15 16:15:46

How foreverdepressed has described it.

Have you had your thyroid bloods done lately? I went to the doctor with suspected PND only to be told I had an underactive thyroid. Felt instantly better on thyroxine but still had lots of very low days. Thought my levels needed adjusting but results came back fine so think PND played a part too.

When there's a thyroid issue it's hard to tell whether it's depression or your medication needs adjusting so I would get a blood test arranged just to check.

Sorry you've had a difficult year, hope 2015 is a bit happier for you

littleone88 Thu 01-Jan-15 16:46:39

just had my third bout of depression it sucks, I felt very low and couldnt function as well as have a sucidal thoughts, my last break down was in december and finally just getting better, went to docs on three lots of meds but my depression is all to do with my LO she is so anxious and so down, will be getting help for her soon as she starts school, have you been to GP ?

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