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how can I ask for medication?

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bringoutyourdead Mon 22-Dec-14 22:46:19

Hi. First time posting in this section. Using a NC I used to post about something that recently happened (posted elsewhere on MN).

A few weeks ago I was sexually assaulted/raped. I was okay for a day or two then not very good at all and now back to mostly ok. I was already under quite a lot of stress due to studies and other things. I am taking care of practicalities (STI testing tomorrow as it's then been three weeks, blood tests for HIV etc in another 9 weeks) and managing well I think, but it's triggered some anxiety/stress related stuff.

I've been to the Dr before about anxiety and was fobbed off once or twice when I was about 16/17. I presented with anxiety (panic attacks) but was self harming and also purging etc. Not Drs fault as I didn't tell him that. Nothing happened. I went a few more times desperate and about 5 years ago (18/19) had 6 weeks of group CBT because they said I was depressed. Been back since and had it put down to anaemia. I'm not anaemic anymore though- had bloods recently. I haven't been particularly depressed for over a year. I've been absolutely buoyant actually which is how I know something is wrong...because I now know what happy/normal feels like and I'm desperate for that feeling back less sporadically.

Really I desperately want something to help me cope until June, when my studies finish. April really, as there will be less stress then. I don't want to take ADs (if they offered them which I doubt) because of side effects and difficulty complying (I know myself well, I wouldn't bother taking them if I felt ok and I mostly do). I just want something to help with the physiological symptoms short term. Palpitations, shakes, adrenaline rushing through me, crying/hyperventilating. I had to walk out of work today because of it. It usually only lasts a few hours (not all symptoms for that long obviously, but the general dready feeling) and is not every day. So I dont need regular medication. I am not a good sleeper but luckily this doesn't matter because I can work through the night and sleep when it suits me.

Can I ask my dr for this? What are the chances of them giving me them? Beta blockers or something? At the moment if genuinely desperate I am having a very small drink and that genuinely helps. Maybe a placebo I don't know. And like I said it isn't every day. But it isn't practical, and is unhealthy (I am quite health conscious).

I don't know how to ask without sounding like I am just asking for free (well, actually not free!) drugs to abuse. Should I bother?

Apologies if this message is hard to follow I am asking this because I am currently not feeling bright and hence a bit panicked and manic and not myself.
Everyone suggested counselling on my previous post about the assault but I don't think its necessary and if it is I suppose I must not be ready because I would rather leave it be and not think about that quite now.


MrsPepperMintonCandyCane Tue 23-Dec-14 12:40:29

I'm sorry you've been through such a traumatic time. Have you been offered any counselling or support or have people just said you should?
I would explain to your GP that you would like medication for your anxiety. I wouldn't rule out ADs as they actually help keep everything a bit quieter and the side effects usually pass after the first two weeks.

MrsPepperMintonCandyCane Tue 23-Dec-14 12:41:26

This site
Has advice on dealing with anxiety. It's very helpful.

FaithLoveandGrace Tue 23-Dec-14 16:55:59

bringoutyourdead I'm so sorry you've been through such a traumatic experience. I haven't seen your previous post but I highly recommend seeing a counsellor. Dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault / rape is so difficult. I can understand not wanting to deal with it but it's so hard to move forward without properly discussing it with someone professional. As Mrs has said, don't rule out AD's just yet. Sertraline is really good for dealing with anxiety over a longer period and would be good to get you through you studies. You can ask your doctor for beta blockers - if you explain the anxiety / palpitations etc and ask for something to help, generally one of the first things they'll suggest is beta blockers (in my experience). If they don't initially offer I'm sure you could just say something like a friend suggested beta blockers (such as propanalol) and you wondered if maybe that'd be a possibility?

Take care and I hope you get the support you need and deserve.

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