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Feeling unsupported by dp

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ticktocktime2rock Sat 20-Dec-14 16:03:30

I'm currently suffering from anxiety as diagnosed by gp. Started taking citalopram 4 days ago and still waiting for referral for therapy. I know I've taken the first steps to get better but I just feel so unsupported by dp. He seems to think I need just to carry on as normal and that there nothing really wrong. Its the little things that cause me anxiety and he just gets annoyed at me like I'm not trying. I got stressed out by the supermarket as he wanted to check a price so wasn't packing and the food was piling up not being put away. I told him i wasn't feeling well and in the car explained It stressed me out, he just replied 'if that stresses you, you're not going to survive'. I just don't know where to go from here. We have a 2 year old and I'm trying to be as normal as I can for him but I thought I could offload to do but seems like I can't.

WorryWurta Sat 20-Dec-14 16:23:06

My DH is very similar. I often feel he doesn't understand and I get hurt by how angry he gets at me. Only you know your DH, but here are some more positive explanations for his behaviour:
He sees you as strong, he's been taught at some point (like many) to see MH probs as weak. He can't process this incongruity. Everything he knows about you tells him you are not a person who would get MH problems. Encourage him to understand how you feel, learn about your condition and if you have counselling maybe a joint session?

He wants to 'fix' you, he doesn't wand to reinforce your fears so he's trying some tough love to sort you out. Again a lot of men particularly feel this way. Maybe talk constructively and non critically about better ways he could help.

If he's like my DH is knackered from looking after you, taking on extra responsibilities and worrying about you. I don't know the solution for this one :-S you'll have to let me know! Keep talking and listening to each other though, you both need to understand and hear how the other feels.

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