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In hospital

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dontrunwithscissors Mon 15-Dec-14 18:27:06

Not such a good time. I could feel the low coming but seemed powerless to stop it this time. I'm currently on a drip for the OD I took. Have s bed reserved on the psych ward but don't mnkw whether I want to go. My husband brought my girls in and I felt like my heart was breaking. I'm so, so confused and in so much pain. I hate this. I hate what I am. I hate what I've done. I hate what I want to do.

twentyten Mon 15-Dec-14 18:31:56

You poor thing. Please go. You are ill- let people help.thanksthanksthanksthanks

SnowyMouse Mon 15-Dec-14 18:33:29

(((( dontrunwithscissors )))) Please get help.

dontrunwithscissors Mon 15-Dec-14 18:44:17

Thank you both. There's no phone signal over here at all, which makes it harder. I have the salvation of being able to link to my work's wifi (university/teaching hospital.). Not sure it will reach to the psych ward as it's on a separate site so us nutters don't disturb the peace.

I guess I will see how things are tomorrow. For now I kind of feel relieved that I'm tethered down and can't do any harm.

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