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Care first occupational health referral

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Ridingthestorm Fri 12-Dec-14 12:46:36

Has anyone any experience with the company care first?

My local authority (work in education) referred me to occupational health three weeks ago for work related stress issues, which I am currently working through and feel like progress is being made. But still wish to speak to a counsellor.

I was referred on 25th November and got a letter asking me for consent on 30th November then a phone call on 5th asking me the SAME questions that I answered on the form (i.e. Did I give consent and for my postcode) and told a counsellor would be in touch within two working days. They weren't. I gave it to today (five working days) to get in touch. I spoke to a very nice man who said I had been referred. He rang me back with more information and told me I had now been re-referred to another counsellor and that they might be in touch over the weekend, if not monday.

Is this 'normal procedure'? By the time monday comes round, it would have been four weeks since my referral and during the time waiting, I am still on sick leave, wanting to be back at work!

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